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Carrier Routes by ZIP Code
  • Displays a list of Carrier Routes in a 5-digit ZIP Code.
  • Type of Carrier Route (PO Box, City, Rural).
  • Number of Deliveries: Business, Apartment, PO Box, Residential
  • Carrier Route Counts updated on 06-30-2017

  • Listware verifies, corrects & enhances Names, Addresses, Phones & Emails. Other services include: NCOA, Business Verify & Property Owners.
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35 ZIP+4 Codes in Carrier Route C017
ZIP Code 10020

Map of Carrier Route Map
135 W 50th STJERRY SHUSTEKFL 1210020-1299Map 
135 W 50th ST FL 1310020-1201Map 
135 W 50th ST FRNT S110020-0002Map 
135 W 50th ST LBBY L110020-0003Map 
135 W 50th ST FRNT S210020-0004Map 
135 W 50th ST FRNT S310020-0005Map 
135 W 50th ST FRNT S410020-0007Map 
135 W 50th ST FRNT S610020-0008Map 
135 W 50th ST FRNT S510020-0010Map 
135 W 50th ST FRNT S710020-1200Map 
135 W 50th ST STE 15B to 16B10020-1201Map 
135 W 50th ST BSMT B110020-1204Map 
135 W 50th ST STE 19A to 19D10020-1201Map 
135 W 50th ST BSMT 110020-0012Map 
135 W 50th ST  10020-0013Map 
135 W 50th ST STE 10L to 10R10020-1201Map 
135 W 50th ST LBBY 210020-0003Map 
135 W 50th ST FL 4 to 910020-1201Map 
115 to 143
(Only Odd)
W 50th ST  10020-1202Map 
134 to 140
(Only Even)
W 51st ST  10020-1203Map 
110 W 51st ST  10020-1201Map 

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