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18 Nonprofit organizations in Fishers Island, NY 06390
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Church On The Rock Inc03  
Fisher Island Club Inc07$15,092,422$7,642,794
Fishers Island Community Center Inc03$5,549,844$2,371,732
Fishers Island Conservancy Inc03$836,941$125,783
Fishers Island Education Foundation Inc03  
Fishers Island Fire Dept03$761,048$169,775
Fishers Island Library Assoc03$744,162$190,572
Fishers Island Recreational Path Foundation03$3,646,116$65,269
Fishers Island Yacht Club Inc07$791,475$452,555
Hay Harbor Club Inc07$3,958,546$2,244,153
Henry L Ferguson Museum03$11,187,591$1,485,107
Island Community Board Inc04  
Island Concerts Committee03  
Island Health Project Inc03$5,832,461$649,257
Island Peoples Project03$260,029$84,000
Lighthouse Works Inc03$223,868$320,073
St Johns Church03  
Walsh Park Benevolent Corporation03$5,579,640$2,871,455
Total $54,464,140$18,672,520

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