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304 Nonprofit organizations in Scarsdale, NY 10583
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A&l Edelman Family Foundation Inc03$162,409$8,172
Abbott & Lila Stillman Family Foundation03  
Access Westchester Inc03  
Adelaar Foundation03$8,673$210,172
Ajp Scholarship Fund Inc03$100$500
Albert Einstein Montefioreorthopedic Alumni Association Inc03$171,922$13,163
Albert G And Carol F Lowenthal Foundation03$985,262$24,927
Alcott School03$2,676,121$7,322,896
Alcott School Scholarship Fund Inc03$38,205$16,800
Always Have A Home Housing Development Fund Company Inc03  
Amanda Kanowitz Foundation03$387,047$252,431
American Federation Of Teachers05$145,217$190,182
American Federation Of Teachers05$154,225$53,409
American Friends Of Soroka Medical Center Inc03$554,251$1,805,230
American Institute Of Chemical Engineers03  
American Legion19$932,536$73,394
American Legion19  
American Legion Auxiliary19  
American Otolaryngologists Of Indian Heritage Inc03$46,486$47,100
American Society Of Civil Engineers03$797,013$178,989
Andrew And Lisa Rodman Foundation03$392,329$157,671
Andrew R Heyer And Mindy B Heyer Foundation03$593,699$717,833
Angel Pray Child Charity Foundation03  
Archaeological Institute Of America Westchester Society03  
Art Bridge Association Inc03$1$1
Arthur I And Susan Maier Fund Inc03$333,179$84,557
Assoc Of Scarsdale Tch Aides & Assistance05  
Association Of Graduates Of Edison High Shcool04  
Athletes Vs Crohns Inc03  
Bahais Of Scarsdale03  
Bala Vijayam Inc03  
Bassuk Family Foundation Inc03$425,429$562,457
Beckman Family Foundation03$113,299$395,664
Benjamin & Lorelei Hammerman Foundation Ltd03$668,462$191,016
Berkley Park Holding Corp02  
Berkley-inn-scarsdale Association Inc07  
Birnbaum Foundation Inc03$11,132$5,393
Bluthenthal-toff Family Foundation03$234,127$16,712
Building Dreams Foundation Inc03$234,030$51,771
Cakes4cause Inc03$5,699$2,023
Calliope-on-main Foundation Inc03$31,735$11,571
Carol And Philip Mehler Charitable Foundation Inc03$1,064$1
Catholic Missionary Union03  
Chabad Lubavitch Of Westchester County03  
Charles S Raizen Fdn Inc03$970,516$142,135
Cheer For A Cure Now Inc03  
Child Care Council Of Westchester Inc03$1,905,322$5,229,580
Chinese American Society Of Anesthesiology06  
Cindy Lynn Sherwin Memorialfoundation03  
Civil Service Employees Association05  
Civil Service Employees Association05  
Civil Service Employees Association05  
Clingman Family Foundation03$574$1,100
Considine-reilly Charitable Foundation03$567,522$1,216,159
Creative Arts Lab Inc03$5,949$110,917
Cultural Crete Usa Inc03$24,464$48,284
Curry Health Benefit Plan09$1$5,648,571
Def Hacks Incorporated03  
Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Inc07  
Dhiman Family Foundation Inc03  
Dilmaghani Foundation George W Mallison Et Al Ttees03$357,777$57,190
District Attorneys Investigators05$224,694$158,121
Doctors Cancer Foundation Inc03$17,369$1,925
Double Play Foundation03  
Dr Samin Sharma Family Foundation03$158$205,501
E Club Edgemont Athletics Boosters Inc03$58,524$79,072
Eastchester Italian American Citizens Club Inc12$141,924$161,577
Eastchester Soccer Club Inc03$462,068$496,640
Edgemont Baseball Club Inc03  
Edgemont S C Inc03$186,600$231,825
Edgemont Scholarship Council Inc03$262,685$57,064
Edgemont Teachers Association Insu Rance Trust Fund09$287,865$359,780
Edgemont Wrestling Club Inc03  
Edith And William Landau Foundation Inc03$590,307$127,845
Eternal Foundation Usa Inc03$70,935$71,600
Family Enrichment New York Inc03  
Fenway Golf Club Charitable Fund03$32,385$21,232
Fenway Golf Club Inc07$14,910,759$9,335,858
Ffejcap Foundation03$16,471$2,260
Flying Manes Therapeutic Riding Inc03$31,128$73,378
Forum For Regional Clinical Education Inc03$39,930 
Fox Meadow Tennis Club07$1,200,544$547,862
Frankys Field Of Dreams Foundation Inc03$141,963$4,461
Friends Of Hermione-la Fayette In America Inc03$2,503$25,066
Friends Of Music And The Arts In Scarsdale Schools Inc03  
Friends Of Scarsdale Parks Inc03  
Friends Of School In The Square Inc03$595,075$614,000
Friends Of The Budapest Jewish Cemetery Foundation03  
Friends Of The Scarsdale Library Inc03$367,725$951,452
Friends Of The Weinberg Nature Center Inc03  
Fritz & Emily Darmstadter Foundation Inc03$71,748$2,457
Fun For Cure Inc03  
Garrick C Stephenson Family Fund03$1,457,652$1,324,712
Gellin Foundation Inc03$840,704$118,910
George Rosenberg & Ann Rosenberg Foundation Inc03$88,344$195
Gettinger Family Foundation03$4,594,899$470,103
Giving Circle Of Lower Westchester Inc03$44,811$72,011
Glickenhaus Foundation03$1,955,671$99,927
Golden Horizons Partners Inc03  
Greater Good Charities Inc03  
Greenacres Association Of Scarsdale Inc04  
Greenville Community Reformed Church03  
Greenville Fire Company No 103  
Hae Ahm Sea Rock Foundation03$250,099$34,184
Harry And Misook Doolittle Foundation03$2,244,650$93,080
Henry Feil Philanthropic League Inc03  
Henshel Foundation03$1,628,838$914,070
Hero Inc03$63,132$203,650
Hilda Rothschild Foundation Inc03$11,284$52,621
Hindu Temple Of Tri-state Inc03  
Hoff Barthelson Music School03$5,964,619$5,207,987
Holliday Foundation03$940,029$1,094,551
Huaxia Chinese School N Y Inc03$246,134$341,636
I Am Adoptee Inc03  
Iit Delhi Excellence Foundation Inc03  
Improved Health For African Families Inc03  
Integrated Peace Arts03  
International Association Of Fire Fighters05$33,197$81,709
International Association Of Lions Clubs04  
Irving And Geraldine Schaffer Foundation Inc03$4,036,350$881,628
Isaac Ziering Foundation Inc03$1,075,670$74,272
Israel Colloquium Inc03$171,340$203,540
Israelpromise Inc03$87,085 
Jcc Of Mid Westchester Inc03$9,444,580$5,218,232
Jcc Of Mid-westchester Inc03$1,371,848$3,369,767
Jewish Renaissance Experience Inc03$566,494$752,277
Jewish War Veterans Of The United States Of America Inc04  
Joseph Lawrence Chow Scholarship Fund Inc03$275,894$36,693
Junior League Of Central Westchester Inc03$785,572$159,691
Justin A Solak Foundation03  
Karuna Charities Inc03  
Kellner Family Pediatric Liver Disease Foundation03$586,404$219,442
Key & Candle Foundation03$23,231$120,152
Kids Base & The Little School03$5,003,683$3,626,969
Kleinow Family Foundation Inc03$422,179$102,475
Klingenstein Foundation03$3,511,313$1,027,350
Koreanamericanstoryorg Inc03$96,952$130,686
Kurlan Family Foundation Inc03$1,690,995$664,301
L P Wasserman Family Foundation03$1,906,888$61,653
Lakota Childrens Enrichment Inc03$101,597$119,534
Lappin Foundation Fulvio & Associates03$433,330$337,127
Lawrence Community Health Services03$17,059,813$13,275,331
Leadership University Of America03  
League Of Women Voters Of New York Inc04  
Leroy Gregory Soldiers And Sailors Memorial Committee Inc02$124,559$41,856
Lillie Nathan And Sally Helfman Memorial Charitable Tr03$700,377$700,377
Lisa And Michael Leffell Foundation03$25,580,306$1,179,320
Little Angels In China Inc03  
Little League Baseball Inc03$347,758$394,333
Louis Balancio Scholarship Fund Inc03  
Lumen Christi Association Of New York - Pro Fide Et Cultura Inc03  
Madison Fund Foundation Inc03$118,750$60,584
Maroon And White Inc03$231,298$254,211
Martha Family Foundation Inc03  
Mary & Roy Anderson Charitable Foundation Inc03$6,369,449$1,802,886
Mathew & Edythe Gladstein Foundatio N Inc03$125,870$1
Metropolitan Japanese Ministry Inc03  
Meyers Foundation03$1,619,111$452,860
Milton Pollack Family Foundation Inc03$1,041,858$52,717
Modus Opera Company Inc03$2,710$49,454
Morgan & Marjorie L Miller Charitable Trust03$142,262$199,931
Nancy Klauber Forest Foundation03$505,011$28,759
National Active And Retired Federal Employees Association05  
National Aphasia Association Inc03$208,298$119,015
National Association Of Specialty Trade Unions05$1 
National Council Of Young Israel03  
National Football Foundation And College Hall Of Fame Inc03  
National Organization Of Mothers Of Twins Clubs Inc03  
New Choral Society Of Central Westchester03$46,520$63,875
New Cracow Friendship Society Inc04  
New York Marine Executive Association19  
New York Mixed Martial Arts Initiative Inc03  
Nigerian Nurses Association Of Usa Incorporated03$767$4,333
Norger Foundation03$728,781$739,220
Northeastern Line Constructors Chapter National Electrical Contra06$24,270,556$5,129,137
Nunataks Ltd03$605,239$1,197,948
Omicron Iota Of Westchester County Inc03  
Our Coupons Care Inc03  
Our Energy Policy Foundation03$45,128$450,047
Pack Family Foundation03$108,865$3,057
Pauliestrong Foundation Inc03  
Pauline V And William F Garvey Foundation Inc03$603,775$163,120
Pearl Initiative Inc06$1,059,233$1,441,874
Pells-mayton Foundation Inc03$6,369,449$197,707
Philippine Disciples Of Mary Inc03$331,613$514,779
Piotrkow Trybunalski Association03  
Platform Tennis Museum And Hall Of Fame Foundation03$10,348$906
Production Industrial Tech Textile & Prof Employees Loc 124 Wlfr Fund09$184,717$4,423,741
Program Reach Inc03$5,806$78,842
Pta New York Congress03  
Pta New York Congress03$124,443$114,083
Pta New York Congress03  
Pta New York Congress03$193,491$446,468
Pta New York Congress03  
Pta New York Congress03$229,427$462,780
Pta New York Congress03  
Pta New York Congress03$241,208$481,157
Pta New York Congress03$74,894$168,464
Pta New York Congress03$100,090$73,033
Pta New York Congress03$461,278$1,133,534
Pta New York Congress03$336,872$505,416
Pta New York Congress03$291,584$601,995
Pta New York Congress03$195,455$120,857
Pta New York Congress03$53,814$48,359
Pursue Your Dream Foundation Corp03  
Quaker Ridge Employee Charity Fund Inc03$101,825$113,050
Quaker Ridge Golf Club Inc07$26,029,649$13,108,802
Rabina Foundation03$7,153$50,000
Richard Mazer Fund Inc03$220,416$20,339
Rms Enrichment Plus Foundation03$1$1
Rodger C Haggitt Gastrointestinal Pathology Society Inc03  
Rotary International04  
Sang Myung Church Of New York Inc03  
Savio & Patty Tung Foundation Inc03$213,721$1,670
Scarsdale Arts Council Inc03$935$200
Scarsdale Baseball Club Inc03$42,287$110,838
Scarsdale Citizens For Senior Housing Inc03  
Scarsdale Community Baptist Church03  
Scarsdale Concours Foundation03$2,539$35,505
Scarsdale Congregational Church03  
Scarsdale Edgemont Family Counseling Service03$379,085$1,124,963
Scarsdale Fire Company No 1 Inc03  
Scarsdale Forum Inc03  
Scarsdale Foundation03$2,241,964$307,366
Scarsdale Hartsdale Newcomers Club07  
Scarsdale Historical Society03$999,484$40,784
Scarsdale Meals On Wheels Inc03  
Scarsdale Patrolmens Benevolent Association Inc Police Headquarter05$2,174,582$783,494
Scarsdale Rotary Club Foundation Incorporated03  
Scarsdale Schools Education Foundation03$2,066,031$1,205,336
Scarsdale Strings Cares Inc03  
Scarsdale Student Transfer Education Plan Inc03  
Scarsdale Summer Music Theatre Inc03  
Scarsdale Symphony Orchestra Inc03  
Scarsdale Synagogue03  
Scarsdale Synagogue Temples Tremont And Emanu-El03  
Scarsdale Teachers Association Inc Benefit Trust Fund09$2,073,050$2,608,610
Scarsdale Teen Center Inc03$163,248$385,382
Scarsdale Volleyball Club Inc03$63,162$79,353
Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps Inc03$2,996,438$564,207
Scarsdale Womans Club Inc03$1,115,774$248,972
Scarsdale Womans Exchange Inc03$18,597$110,590
Scarsdale Youth Hockey Association Inc03$142,685$400,492
Scarsdale Youth Soccer Club Inc03$654,062$652,331
Scout Troop And Pack 25 Inc03  
Second Westchester Putnam Masonic District Fellowship Association03$32,722$53,122
Seed Of Sally Documentary03  
Seligsohn Family Foundation Inc03$23,228$260,478
Sephardic Community Of New Rochelle Scarsdale03  
Shaarei Tikvah The Scarsdale Conservative Congregation03  
Sherbrook Park Neighborhood Association07  
Shreya Art Inc03  
Sidney And Bernice Clyman Family Foundation03$1,013,175$426,368
Signature Dance Company Inc03  
Specialty Trades Union Local 74105$3,296$455,298
Sportsmen For Charity03$184,155$970,400
Stamford Stampede Womens Ice Hockey Club07  
Students And Parents Against Campus Anti-Semitism03  
Stupell Foundation Inc03$193,092$1,356
Sunningdale Country Club Inc07$29,922,049$10,111,105
Sunningdale Realty Corporation02  
Synagogue 300003 $25,217
Tackel-raven Family Foundation03$4,745,369$27,824
The Bernstein Family Charitable Fou Ndation Inc03  
The Elliot K Wolk Family Foundation Inc03$1,785,028$183,572
The Erica A Drake Foundation03$8,316$1
The Retelny Family Foundation03$128,030$10,045
The Scarsdale Adult School03$641,277$565,931
The Schechter Foundation03$275,629$88,444
The Shatz Family Foundation Inc03$309,281$314,308
They Cage Animals Foundation Inc03  
This Ability Not Disability Inc03$15,726$4,218
Thru My Eyes Inc03$112,623$183,857
Toastmasters International03  
Town And Village Civic Club04  
Trinity Lutheran Church Of Scarsdale03  
Trip Of A Lifetime03$224,503$95,429
Udgam Music Group Inc03  
Uniform Firefighters Association Of The Village Of Scarsdale Inc09$292,147$159,003
Unione Sportiva Italiana Inc07  
V&l Marx Foundation03$73,772,084$11,368,081
Varun And Ameeta Gosain Foundation03$2,596,571$380,737
Village Squares Quilters03  
Walter P And Elizabeth M Stern Foundation Inc03$5,658,696$530,828
Weintraub Family Foundation03$2,185,633$529,771
West Chester-rockland Veterinary Medical Association06$43,735$48,553
Westchester Center For Psychological Education Inc03  
Westchester Columbus Committee A/k/a Westchester Columbus Day Par03  
Westchester Community For Humanistic Judaism03  
Westchester County Association Of Municipal Public Works03$52,818$76,204
Westchester County Psychological06$8,150$33,412
Westchester Diocese Of The Evangelical Apostolic Church Of Na03  
Westchester Foundation For Autism And Related Development Delays Inc03$8,353$101
Westchester Mission Church03  
Westchester Presbyterian Church03  
William Lincer Foundation03  
Women In Real Estate Foundation03  
Womens Tri-county Golf Association Inc07  
Xtreme Soccer07$135,830$217,580
Yoga Center International Inc03  
Youth Employment Service Of Scarsdale Inc03  
Zita Spiss Medical Research Tr03$159,182$387
Zygfryd And Helene Wolloch Foundation03$12,627$8,857
Total $342,705,400$151,851,200

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