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30 Nonprofit organizations in Piermont, NY 10968
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91 Life Way03  
Abs Charitable Foundation Inc03$445,508$602
Balance Research Foundation Inc03  
Church Of St John03  
Edgewater Pnt Prop Owner Assoc Inc04$141,417$177,733
Empire Hose Company No 1 Of Piermont New York Inc03$791,729$226,826
Forest Creatures Foundation Ltd03$383,007$7
Frederic Ewen Foundation Inc03$318,708$54,238
Gabrielle Lansner And Company Incorporated03  
Greer Learning Center Incorporated03$1,648$13,340
House Of Restoration Ministries03  
International Mountain Bicycling Association - Colorado03  
Knights Of Columbus08  
Leonard Merrill Kurz Foundation03$237,745$199,000
Matthew Neuenhaus Foundation03$939,536$32,501
Piermont Chamber Of Commerce06  
Piermont Civic Association03  
Piermont Historical Society03  
Piermont Police Athletic League Inc03$44,373$41,498
Piermont Public Library03$3,957,669$323,287
Piermont Reformed Church Inc03  
Piermont Straus Foundation03  
Rockland County Patrolmens Benevolent Association Inc05  
Rockland County Police Athletic League Inc04  
Rockland County Police Emerald Society Inc03$14,580$40,898
Serving Hands Church03  
Society For Hospital And Resources Exchange Inc03$589,502$353,659
Tappan Zee Thrift Shop Inc03$18,915$94,842
Teachers For Vietnam03  
Veterans Memorial Association Of Piermont Inc19$382,674$37,390
Total $8,267,011$1,595,821

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