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215 Nonprofit organizations in Greenville, SC 29601
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16th Regiment Sc Volunteers Confederate Museum & Library Inc03$231,924$47,912
A R P Church Investment Holdings Inc03  
Acementor Program Of America Inc03  
Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity Inc07  
Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity Inc07  
American Association Of Zoo Keepers03  
American Inns Of Court Foundation03  
American Legion19$1,383,593$224,935
American Leprosy Missions Inc03$11,447,284$15,885,710
American Society Of Plumbing Engineers06  
Ancient Order Of Hibernians In America08  
Auxiliary To Greenville Hospital System03$1,221,853$1,202,454
Baptist Courier03$4,478,378$2,425,297
Betsy M Campbell Foundation03$26,969,085$2,259,193
Better Business Bureau Of The Upstate Inc06$504,472$602,858
Better Business Education Foundation03$69,612$79,548
Big Brothers Big Sisters Of The Upstate Inc03$107,548$429,673
Black Knight Foundation Inc03$578,838$899,645
Bmw Car Club Of America Inc07$5,132,057$6,219,034
Bmw Motorcycle Owners Of America Moa Foundation03$176,533$376,670
Bon Secours St Francis Health System Inc03$6,661,007$4,657,675
Bridge Corporation03  
Building Equity Sooner For Tomarrow03$815,393,900$40,480,596
Campbell Young Leaders Inc03$30,685,866$3,201,513
Cancer Survivors Park Alliance03$4,628,157$1,856,228
Canine Healing Project03  
Canterbury Counseling Center A Ministry Of Christ Church03$77,880$155,160
Cci Labs03  
Center For Development Services03$1,769,391$1,092,651
Center For Evangelical Catholicism03$49,042$73,735
Childrens Museum Of The Upstate Inc03$26,151,172$3,843,455
Chinese Economic Development Board Of South Carolina06  
Christ Church03  
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church03  
Cjr Productions Inc03  
Clarity Inc03$271,323$1,632,813
Community Foundation Of Greenville Inc03$67,282,652$19,352,504
Confrerie De-la-chaine Des Rotisseurs Ltd07  
Construction Financial Management Association06  
Crime Stoppers Greenville Inc03$279,678$47,224
Crossroads Career Services Inc03$23,210$131,781
Discover Upcountry Carolina Association Of South Carolina06$45,100$498,953
Downtown Area Partnership Association04  
Durham Psychological Services Inc03  
E E Stone Iv Foundation03$192$1
East Park Historic Association03  
Einstein Learning Center Inc03$515,353$566,100
Endowment Fund Of The Greenville Hospital System Inc03 $455,508,073
European American Chamber Of Commerce Carolinas Inc06$2,317$51,105
Faith Fund Tr Of The First Baptist Church Of Greenville S Carolina03  
Faith Memorial Chapel03  
Faith Memorial Chapel Cedar Mountain North Carolina03  
First Baptist Church Of Greenville S Carolina03  
First Presbyterian Church Foundation03$2,267,543$220,744
Francis T Smith Endowment Trust03$3,511,364$237,983
Fresh Start Sc03$24,082$209,874
Fresh Start Tax Relief03  
Friends Of Reedy River Inc03$136,020$61,035
Friends Of The Greenville Co Library03$78,234$91,483
Friends Of The Greenville Zoo Inc03$277,788$239,655
Fuller Normal And Industrial Institute03$70,267$455,298
Gary Player Foundation Inc03$195,228$16,150
George And Ann Helena Howard Foundation03$382,764$540,121
Georgea M Greaves Foundation Inc03$81,651$93
Ghs Partners In Health Inc03  
Gospel Reformation Network03  
Greater Greenville Chamber Of Commerce06$1,809,802$4,449,107
Greater Greenville Master Gardeners03$60,990$55,113
Greenville Area Development Corporation03$555,401$2,004,099
Greenville Arp Church03  
Greenville Arts Festival03$301,236$1,436,405
Greenville Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church03  
Greenville Chamber Foundation Inc03$71,071$142,886
Greenville Council Of Garden Clubs Inc03$357,095$56,315
Greenville County Historical Society Inc03$85,918$33,077
Greenville County Schools Foundation03$70,076$268,444
Greenville County Sheriffs Office Scholarship Fund03  
Greenville Estate Planning Council06$46,819$37,141
Greenville Health Corporation03  
Greenville Health Research Development Corporation03$1$2,621
Greenville Health System03  
Greenville High Red Raider Sports Booster Club Inc03$100,135$464,456
Greenville High School Band Booster Club03  
Greenville Jazz Collective03  
Greenville Little Theatre03$1,216,000$1,205,583
Greenville Little Theatre Endowment Tr03$284,070$582
Greenville Local Development Corporation04$3,659,844$839,495
Greenville Revitalization Corporation03$1,620,254$1,405,274
Greenville Sheriffs Foundation03$25,457$77,672
Greenville Symphony Association03$1,574,711$2,880,768
Greenville Symphony Endowment Fund Inc03$8,398,933$438,635
Greenville Zoo Educational Foundation Inc03$887,192$91,833
Harold C Jennings Foundation03$761,435$81,211
Hayne Hipp Foundation03$3,999,919$2,378,602
Hbcu Preservation Foundation03  
Healthcare Information And Management Systems Society06  
Hillcrest Heights Inc03$319,113$85,837
Holmes Memorial03  
Ibm Club South Carolina04  
Institute For Child Success Inc03$486,619$1,854,049
International Journal Of Leprosy Of The Intl Leprosy Assoc Inc03  
International Reading Association Inc03  
James L Love Educ Fdn Of Greenville Asso Reformed Presbyterian Church03  
Keep Greenville County Beautiful03  
Law In Action03  
Legacy Advancement03$369,445$1,400,272
Legacy Early College03$1,804,656$13,683,177
Lend-a-hand Inc03  
Leonard Wood Memorial For The Eradication Of Leprosy And The03  
Light And Truth Intl Ministries03  
Livewell Greenville03$131,168$256,139
Local Boys Do Good03$88,288$594,270
Makers Collective04$53,279$195,452
Mental Health America Of South Carolina03  
Mental Health Association Of Greenville County03$758,210$465,825
Mental Health Association Of Greenville County Housing03$1,101,090$165,305
Mercy Angels Inc03  
Metropolitan Arts Council03$1,702,820$2,130,397
Mosaic Community Fellowship03  
Mrs Donnetta H Martin Memorial Fund Service And Scholarship03  
N A B S03  
N Greenville 24503  
Nals Inc06  
National Christian College Athletic Association03$262,382$1,620,074
Next School03$589,627$1,433,815
Palmetto Farms Foundation03$1,200,164$163,296
Palmetto Land And Water Legacy Alliance04$66,053$119,055
Palmetto Senior Living03  
Pdfd Community Funding Corporation03  
Peace Center Foundation03$63,518,299$21,680,879
Peace Center Properties03$23,004,214$1,300,000
Player Indaba Inc03$1 
Poinsett Club07$4,345,677$4,813,598
Poinsett Club Foundation03  
Priester Foundation03$6,896,020$1,391,000
Project Host Inc03$1,986,635$1,010,875
Pta South Carolina Congress03$115,130$139,070
Quiver Full Adoptions Inc03  
Radius Greenville03  
Read Up Greenville Inc03  
Rebuild Upstate03$151,213$385,080
Refuge Church03  
Robert S Campbell Foundation03$26,821,952$4,839,156
Roe Foundation03$25,711,837$6,088,646
Rollin Readers Inc03  
S C American Society Of Landscape Architects06$43,222$12,202
Sabar Charities03  
Safe Harbor Inc03$3,049,066$2,480,379
Sagama Orphans Education Fund Inc03  
Sanctuary For Sc Anglicans Inc03  
Sc Health Company03  
Second Baptist Church Of Greenville03  
Second Presbyterian Church03  
Smart Family Foundation03$493,463$514,180
South Carolina Biotechnology Industry Organization03$96,940$195,058
South Carolina Business Coalitionon Health Inc03$261,310$290,968
South Carolina Charities Inc03$457,936$3,263,190
South Carolina Congress Of Parents And Teachers03$6,328$68,457
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$96,789$158,554
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$102,998$257,916
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$85,199$387,745
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$252,067$357,032
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$71,004$166,030
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$406,564$450,205
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$54,494$155,075
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$252,685$1,239,383
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$113,628$372,484
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$129,195$151,579
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$142,322$138,011
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$66,430$169,979
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$98,740$153,547
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$432,973$640,068
South Carolina First Steps To School Readiness Board Of Trustees03$123,738$755,650
South Carolina Football Hall Of Fame Inc03$1,063$128,073
South Carolina Rheumatism Society03$185,821$144,305
South Carolina Society For Clinical Social Work06  
Spirit Of Greenville Inc03$340,795$119,880
Springfield Baptist Church03  
St Andrews Episcopal Church03  
St Andrews Episcopal Church Endowment Corp03  
St Francis Hospital Inc03$530,105,745$570,301,040
St Francis Physician Services Inc03$36,818,909$494,557,680
St Marys School03  
St Pauls Anglican Church03  
Sterling Hope Center Corporation03$99,079$20,044
Sterling Land Trust03  
Tabernacle Baptist Church03  
The Free Presbyterian Church Of North America03  
The Graham Foundation03$49,016,059$24,492,397
The Laura E Dupont Foundation03$1,191,776$518,869
The Museum Association Inc03$510,252$777,080
The Warehouse Theatre03$2,259,133$934,415
United Ministries03$2,303,157$2,276,631
United States Catholic Conference03$9,735,761$5,182,886
United States Endowment Forforestry And Communities Inc03$221,318,969$83,144,605
Upcountry History Museum03$6,157,650$1,367,192
Upstate Affiliate Organization03  
Upstate Film Society03  
Upstate Forever03$5,804,279$2,582,654
Upstate International03$196,745$170,448
Upstate Master Naruralist03  
Upstate Mediation Center03$158,825$195,133
Venture Carolina03$1,193$994
Visitgreenville Sc06$2,834,666$6,902,648
West End Community Development Center03$769$165,415
West End Friends & Artists03  
William H Dunlap Orphange Inc03  
Williamston Rescue Squad03$866,088$1,481,964
Wisdom In Living Life Ministry Inc03$1,933$182,963
Ymca Endowment Corporation Of Greater Greenville03  
Ymca Of Greenville03$64,831,963$20,918,761
Ymca Of Greenville Foundation Inc03$1,769,980$772,370
Young Friends Of Florence03  
Youthbase Inc03$94,717$147,558
Total $2,143,975,000$1,879,903,000

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