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18 Nonprofit organizations in Miami Beach, FL 33109
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33109 Synagogue Foundation Inc03  
Barry & Barbara Goldin Foundation Inc03$50,667$21,643
Burton And Rose Kahn Family Foundation03$622,316$1,298,523
Collins Foundation Inc03$13,985$6,479
Decamillis Rowing Academy Inc03  
Desai Sethi Foundation Inc03$16,947$16
Ds Foundation03$109,441,142$970,093
Fisher Island Day School Inc03$7,411,315$2,878,225
Fisher Island Philanthropic Fund03$1,441,408$1,021,401
Gala And Stanley Cohen Family Foundation03$1$1
Heithoff Family Foundation03$115,006$37,879
Hera Foundation Inc03$2,186,727$328,710
Jerry And Carol Levin Family Foundation03$1$1
Seed My Future Association Inc06$1 
Sidney And Florence Stern Foundation Inc03$3,492$1
The Lassin Family Foundation03$83,869$125,548
The Luria Family Foundation Inc03$1,254,957$392,192
Walter M Milford Charitable Foundation03$716,889$11,586
Total $123,358,700$7,092,298

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