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23 Nonprofit organizations in Beverly Hills, CA 90209
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Anthony And Elizabeth Duquette Foundation For The Living Arts03$857,232$170,050
Beverly Hills Meals On Wheels03$175,077$43,887
Bill Memorial Foundation03$72,775$422,008
Elsie De Wolfe Foundation Inc03$220,739$9,173
Euphoria Foundation Inc03$2,326$3,261
Flintnow Foundation03  
Friends Of Greystone03$139,596$98,299
H F Burroughs Family Foundation03$4,417$3
Happy Minyan03  
Himalayan Childrens Fund03$152,382$387,578
Hope Foundation Of Iranian- American Jewish Communities Inc03$2,074,865$304,494
Ineedclosure Inc03  
Institute Of Life Principles03  
Iranian Medical Society03$8,281$35,800
Municipal Employees Association Of Beverly Hills05$277,962$86,499
Orem Foundation03$1 
Redeemer Apostolic Mission03$15,923$11,812
Spiritual Assembly Of The Bahais Of Beverly Hills03  
Sraberg Family Charitable Foundation Inc03$13,241$300
The Good News Grant Foundation Inc03$46,909$113,370
The Vahagn Setian Charitable Foundation03$42,482$55,498
Trousdale Estates Homeowners Association04$2,302$900
William Holden Wildlife Foundation03$4,954,514$268,035
Total $9,061,024$2,010,967

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