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252 Nonprofit organizations in Palo Alto, CA 94301
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Abbey Foundation For The Arts03$1,372,536$46,487
Aid For Forgotten Children Ofvietnam Inc03  
All Students Matter03$49,641$65,347
Alumni And Friends Of Palo Alto High School03  
Amateur Athletic Union Of The United States03$10,068$77,710
Amateur Athletic Union Of The United States Inc03$102,514$235,422
American Friends Of Arts Et Metiers03$620,788$111,457
Amigos Del Centro De Educacion Ambiental De La Peninsula Yucateca03  
Angelo Roncalli Community03  
Anglican Churches Of America03  
Ansley Foundation03$491,277$7,717
Aphorism Foundation03$114,725,554$29,899,025
Arastradero Park Apartment Corporation03$7,577,524$1,321,961
Art Of Yoga Project03$407,034$576,523
Association For Administrators In Academic Radiology06  
Association Of Auxiliaries Corporation For Children03  
Association Solidarity Kendie Inc03  
Aufmuth Family Foundation03$453,472$376,645
Barbary Coast Exiles06$110,497$195,900
Basis Endowment Foundation03$1,325,939$483,076
Benefraim-rodrigues Foundation03$760,591$128
Better World Fund03$89,967$312,297
Biao & June Lu Foundation03$672,195$154,052
Blackbox Connect03  
Board Rescue03  
Bockus Brown Family Foundation03$2,778,599$583,804
Brain Trauma Foundation Inc03$5,365,559$7,757,629
Brainvyne Foundation Inc03  
Brendan Iribe Charitable Foundation Inc03$1$1
Breyer Family Foundation03$23,830,163$21,503,456
Bridge Builders03$41,109$87,642
C M Capital Foundation03$1,141,536$300,248
California Federation Of Womens Clubs03$609,416$219,616
California Health Medical Reserve Corps03  
California Institute Of International Studies03$290,607$46,034
California Israel Chamber Of Commerce Inc06$205,882$329,195
Casa De Dios Iglesia Del Nazareno03  
Castilleja School Foundation03$110,286,188$26,382,043
Center For Relationship Abuse Awareness03  
Center For Venture Education Inc03$15,840,615$5,042,193
Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Inc03  
Chan Zuckerberg Foundation03$99,613$113
Channing House03$124,985,168$49,029,195
Channing House Entertainment Coordinators03  
Charter Auxiliary For Children03$103,212$84,919
Chinese Community Center Of The Peninsula03  
Cnc Foundation Tr03$4,325,811$1,972,467
Coalition For Consumer Rights04  
Colorado Park Housing Corp P A H C03$3,125,235$1,525,842
Community Working Group Inc03$10,924,728$227,552
Companions On The Journey03$63,860$97,582
Consortium For Global Development03$20,332$19
Costello Family Foundation Inc03$1,162,725$35,864
Cultivating Aspiring Leaders Inc03  
Cybersmile Foundation03  
Cynthia Mcfarland Charitable 10072011 Tr Uw03$471,559$144,802
Dalai Lama Foundation03$115,741$289,685
Deandre Foundation03$349,885$9,998
Deborahs Palm03$118,329$44,246
Divorce And Relationship Recovery Network Drrn03$19,235$81,296
Doug Zembiec Memorial Education Corp03  
Drapkin California Charitable Trust03$1,104,765$619,368
Drew Foundation03$8,911,612$9,047,472
Dudley Vehmeyer Brown Memorial Foundation Inc03$1,248,112$28,358
East Palo Alto Bulldogs Rugby Club03  
Ekatra Foundation03  
Elizabeth F Gamble Garden03$4,684,111$1,033,462
Feldman Foundation Ca03$1$1
First Baptist Church03  
First Evangelical Lutheran Church Of Palo Alto03  
Football Cares03  
Free & Accepted Masons Of California10$11,231$4
Freidenrich Family Foundation03$681,553$136,440
Friends And Children Of Haiti Foundation03  
Friends Bulletin Corporation03$79,606$116,639
Friends Of The Palo Alto Childrens Theatre03$1,122,363$190,698
Friends Of The Palo Alto High School Choir03$60,987$62,350
Friends Of The Palo Alto Jr Museum And Zoo03$18,310,301$13,560,898
Global Medical Outreach03$115$2,575
Global Witness Foundation03$382,277$1,430,154
Golden Age Life03  
Good Ventures Foundation03$738,500,267$607,499,265
Green Environmental Foundation03  
Grupo Palo Alto03$21,248$33,817
Hablacentro Informatics Nfp03$4,396 
Hand In Hand Parenting03$271,536$700,185
Haque Family Foundation03$31,782,190$52,428,586
Harman Fam Foundation03$4,746,872$2,816,553
Harvey Bassett Clarke Foundation03$51,804$94,106
Heart Across America Incorporated03$5,709$6,084
Hero Science Foundation03  
Home Equity Loan Program For Seniors03$89,791 
Hrj Charities Inc03$783,738$1,102,328
Hsieh Christian Foundation03$2,426,469$288,501
Humane Renaissance Movement Inc03  
Iit Gandhinagar Foundation03$217,381$494,349
Ikale Group03  
Industrial City Cattle Ranch & Duck Club07$19,601$32,100
Inference The International Review Of Science Inc03$103,721$674,622
Institute For Inner Peace And Harmony03$14,315$629
Institute For Molecular Manufacturing03$11,447$3,965
Institute For Security And Analysis03$599,351$321
Institute For The Development Of International Emergency Medicine03  
Institute For The Future03$4,019,856$10,611,962
Iron Horse Foundation03  
Ising Silicon Valley03$194,256$502,625
Israel Venture Network03$231,879$663,984
John Martin Foundation03$1$1
Joshua Alper-marines Foundation03$14,021$50,100
Juliana Lee Foundation03$1,515$100
Kaeme Foundation03$29,074$137,096
L S Foundation03$6,081,917$994,203
La Comida Senior Nutrition03$1,787,752$522,997
Lake Lucerne Mutual Water Company Inc12$265,778$36,319
Learning Center03$424,900$1,090,205
Lucile Packard Foundation For Childrens Health03  
Ludwick Family Foundation03$6,626,238$215,538
Lytton Gardens Senior Communities03$3,392,595$2,442,566
Magical Bridge Foundation03  
Marie D Millard Trust03$154,907$606
Marine Science And Technology Foundation03$10,379,841$553
Mcdorobush Family Foundation03$337,480$61,263
Mclain Association For Children Inc03$37,431$119,456
Memorial Fund Inc03$705,949$20,705
Mental Research Institute03$1,237,857$857,596
Mental Research Institute Trainingsinc03$25,297$130,020
Meta Lilienthal Scholarship Fund03$704,491$114,238
My Digital Tat2 Inc03  
Neighborhood Arts03  
Northern California Cycling Foundation03$193,601$112,911
Northern California Section American Nuclear Society06  
Northern California Spelmanslag03  
Nova Ukraine03$26,046$63,760
Noyce Foundation03$1$64,569,807
Ocean Medicine Foundation03$237,909$245,738
One Nation One California04  
Oneproject Org03$1$1
Open Philanthropy Project03  
Open Source Election Technology Foundation03$16,064$265,045
Open Source Initiative03$38,058$151,741
Openness Foundation03$168,775$125,160
Oumu Foundation03$164,749$140,643
Overcoming Barriers Inc03$31,459$185,494
Pacific Art League Of Palo Alto03$5,988,346$856,222
Pahc Alma Place Inc03$440,068$15,000
Pahc Apartments Inc03$8,486,233$2,576,965
Pahc California Park Corporation03$12,377$13,246
Pahc Management And Services Corporation03$1,033,945$1,099,053
Pahc Properties Corporation03$22,512,316$6,243,152
Pahc Sheridan Apartments Inc03$672,366$63,887
Palo Alto Chamber Of Commerce Ltd06$263,377$250,506
Palo Alto Club07$2,119,738$727,057
Palo Alto Downtown Business & Professional Association06$79,403$137,088
Palo Alto Farmers Market Inc04  
Palo Alto Forward03  
Palo Alto High School Fiery Arts Booster Club03$23,960$106,117
Palo Alto High School Robotics Booster Club03  
Palo Alto High School Sports Boosters Club03$170,247$491,436
Palo Alto High School Theatre Boosters03  
Palo Alto Housing Corporation03$26,159,050$12,205,444
Palo Alto Judo Club Inc04  
Palo Alto Lawn Bowling Club Inc07  
Palo Alto Players-peninsula Center Stage03$1,230,142$1,022,503
Palo Alto Public Improvement Corporation04$1,385,966$83,525
Palo Alto Tennis Trust03  
Paly Interdisciplinary Experience03$18,911$75,385
Paly Media Arts Boosters03$238,639$131,638
Peninsula Macrobiotic Community03  
Peninsula Open Space Trust03$283,267,131$79,230,391
Peninsula Peace And Justice Center03$54,629$68,804
Peninsula Youth Orchestra03$490,180$518,748
Periwinkle Elementary School03$227,534$222,479
Peter & Devon Briger Foundation03$239,004$53,443
Peter And Devon Briger Foundation Ii03$5,310,310$2,726,368
Ping And Amy Chao Family Foundation03$8,254,322$1,529,085
Pinpoint Foundation03  
Primary School03$6,126,643$7,204,946
Project 2020 Inc03  
Proyecto Itzaes03$64,438$71,961
Psv Union Fc03$20,805$430,304
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$66,777$289,553
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$26,730$246,797
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$126,328$153,465
Pursuit Of Excellence03$1,887,274$577,666
Red Thistle Dancers Inc03  
Remembrance Cinema Inc03  
Repair Cafe Palo Alto03  
Reservoir Engineering Research Institute03$775,359$1,160,693
Rise Together Education Inc03  
San Francisco Auxiliary For Children03$57,430$342,482
Schmidt Ocean Institute03$57,637,832$24,081,013
Schmidt Science And Philanthropic Foundation03$304,831,782$48,520,986
School Fund03$360,093$434,776
Scott Foundation03$540,831$1,391,395
Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation03$1,745,886$2,811,779
Sikh Communications Council Inc03  
Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center03$16,090$35,681
Skoll Foundation03$586,996,315$288,241,037
Skoll Global Threats Fund03$14,425,023$15,000,000
Society Of Decision Professionals06$42,129$160,582
South Asian Senior Services03  
South Bay Network For Somatic Education03  
Spread The Words - Global Literacy03  
St Pauls Anglican Church03  
Stand Up Eight Foundation03  
Stanford Professionals In Real Estate Nc03$393,353$696,394
Stars Institute03$187,890$274
Start Small03$1$1
Step Forward Initiative Inc03$118,426$32,570
Stephen S Smith & Paul K Smith Family Foundation03$1,130,276$33,126
Studentplanet Inc03  
Sunlight Giving03$373,812,898$780,097,270
Tanzania Health And Educationmission03$54,611$10,169
Teach A Class03  
The Emily Benatar Foundation03$1,003,673$556,626
The John C Martin Foundation Ltd03$29,864,237$12,520,133
The Khosla Foundation03$370,433$1,244
The Petrone Family Foundation03$84,626$70
The Roth Auxiliary For Children03$191,145$334,213
The Schmidt Family Foundation03$368,589,456$175,298,012
Tidepool Project03$554,725$1,644,257
Timeless Wisdom03  
Toastmasters International03  
Toastmasters International03  
Trinity Lutheran Church03  
Unamesa Association03$114,756$233,062
United Through Education03  
Unz Foundation03$14,833$1
Us-china Innovation Gateway03$316$44,897
Us-russia Global Exchange03$19,037$455
Usangule Food For Thought Inc03  
Wagner Family Foundation03$36,264,905$2,591,667
Waldfogel Family Foundation03$331,108$719,333
Wang Muzi Foundation03$163,674$23,638
Wei Brothers Foundation03$102,096$8
Wender-weis Foundation For Children03$117,321$568,877
William V Campbell Family Foundation03$20,665,421$8,359,710
Willie F & Emma J Granderson Memorial Foundation03$71,460 
Win On Our Level Playing Field03  
Yale Club Of Silicon Valley03  
Young Presidents Organization Inc06$320,456$370,947
Youth Service Beyond Borders03  
Zeng Foundation03$105,974$170,000
Total $3,503,692,000$2,421,866,000

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