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69 Nonprofit organizations in Greenbrae, CA 94904
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Acacia Foundation03$825,531$567,145
Acorn Foundation03$1,252,231$391,689
Active Music03  
Animal Fund03$117,283$41,064
Associated Students03$420,420$156,540
Better World Fund03  
California Teachers Association05  
Chesapeake Corporation Welfare Benefit Plan09$950,744$1,880,374
Community Marin03  
Cool The Earth Inc03$59,283$381,181
Dotgreen Foundation03$3,785$1,691
Dyslexia Think Tank03  
Ednah Root Foundation03$4,949,472$1,318,221
Environment Celebration Foundation03$1 
Evca Inc03$7,201 
Flanagan Family Foundation03$4,055,936$443,526
Foundation For Integrative Oncology03  
Global Academy Foundation03$298,282$290,558
Global Information Services03  
Grand Army Of The Republic Dept Of Ca Nev Womans Relief Corps Aux03$281,258$54,281
Greenlight Clinic03  
Hoertkorn Family Foundation03$677,937$379,983
I A M Theatre03$4,570 
Irene S Scully Family Foundation03$39,809,885$9,154,810
Kadima Foundation03$995,395$586,089
Kaiser Aluminum Salaried Retirees Veba Tr09$62,245,848$20,223,870
Karno Kids03  
Kentfield Association Of Firefighters03$40,567$41,553
Kentfield Auxiliary Medical Hospital03  
Kentfield Living Skills Home Inc03  
Kentfield Schools Foundation03$2,168,927$1,786,012
Lgmd2d Foundation03  
Little League Baseball Inc03$247,531$191,487
Marin Charitable Association03$149,781$214,359
Marin Fc Alliance03$227,171$715,924
Marin General Hospital03$220,313,642$353,326,009
Marin General Hospital Foundation03$22,698,263$14,270,385
Marin Rowing Association03$2,802,610$1,422,312
Marin Sonoma Concours Delegance Organization03$2,258 
Mother Lode Musical Theatre And Seminars Inc03  
National Action Organization03  
Oconnell-allen Family Foundation03$278,723$313,655
Open Space Sausalito03  
Pinups For Purpose03  
Priory Tennis Club07$674,901$95,348
Pristine Mind Foundation03  
Project H Design03$167,394$343,709
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$104,607$389,636
Robert T And Tina Ing Yahng Foundation03$520,665$178,080
Ross Valley Homes Inc03$26,766,026$21,924,500
Ross Valley Nursery School03$1,050,919$743,086
Rotasa Foundation03$244,780$907,712
Sacred Mountain Foundation03$103,426$31,421
Sailing Ship Active Inc03  
Scherman Family Foundation03$16,658$49,908
Schow Foundation03$31,232,278$1,686,255
Schultz Foundation03$508,420$45,184
Society Of Former Special Agants Of The Fbi Inc07  
Soulier-craves Family Foundation03$1$1
Sustainable Food Pavilion Inc03$875,817$36,401
That Day03$507,909$383,671
The Conversations Network03  
The Cox Family Foundation03  
The Craves Family Foundation03$4,884,664$26,609
Upg Corporation03  
Venetia Valley Education Foundation03  
World Cafe Community Foundation03$15,134$10,188
Yuppie Friday03  
Total $433,588,400$435,063,600

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