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72 Nonprofit organizations in Greenbrae, CA 94904
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Acorn Foundation03$1,338,441$707,743
Active Music03  
Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity Inc07  
Animal Fund03$59,455$8,589
Associated Students03$383,565$116,971
Being Adept03$18,128$107,917
Better World Fund03  
Bmw Car Club Of America Inc07$115,164$247,287
California Teachers Association05  
Community Marin03  
Cool The Earth Inc03$40,962$158,520
Dyslexia Think Tank03  
Ednah Root Foundation03$5,112,726$1,073,505
Environment Celebration Foundation03$1 
Flanagan Family Foundation03$3,859,320$1,562,912
Foundation For Integrative Oncology03  
Girls Elevate03  
Global Academy Foundation03$235,866$336,337
Global Information Services03  
Heavens Door Cancer Foundation03  
Hoertkorn Family Foundation03$741,739$178,926
I A M Theatre03$4,815$500
Irene S Scully Family Foundation03$41,813,818$21,602,347
Italian Catholic Federation Of California Inc08  
J S Foundation03$505,363$13,217
Kadima Foundation03$324,987$905,733
Karno Kids03  
Kentfield Association Of Firefighters03$31,317$7,244
Kentfield Auxiliary Medical Hospital03  
Kentfield Living Skills Home Inc03  
Kentfield Schools Foundation03$2,364,815$1,618,481
Larkspur Rec Ing Crew03  
Little League Baseball Inc03$247,813$140,573
Marin Charitable Association03$123,680$169,460
Marin County Sheriffs Air Patrol03  
Marin Fc Alliance03$236,367$786,065
Marin General Hospital03$244,811,264$397,913,493
Marin General Hospital Foundation03$33,779,187$24,198,740
Marin Rowing Association03$2,972,002$1,638,105
Marin Sonoma Concours Delegance Organization03$2,280$32
Mother Lode Musical Theatre And Seminars Inc03  
National Action Organization03  
National Girls Health And Justice Institute03$68,340$218,330
Norcal Thunder03  
Oceanic Preservation Society03$1,329,107$1,077,724
Pinups For Purpose03  
Priory Tennis Club07$673,453$96,572
Pristine Mind Foundation03  
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$45,243$123,106
Rancho Foundation03  
Robert T And Tina Ing Yahng Foundation03$520,957$137,115
Ross Valley Homes Inc03$26,981,168$23,125,237
Ross Valley Nursery School03$1,169,023$777,694
Sacred Mountain Foundation03$183,532$72,025
Sailing Ship Active Inc03  
San Francisco Ewald Annual Talent Contest Ltd03$1,661,552$965,114
Scherman Family Foundation03$43$23,057
Schow Foundation03$23,793,277$24,404,449
Schultz Foundation03$444,643$43,373
Society Of Former Special Agents Of The Fbi Inc07  
St Sebastians Church03  
Tamalpais Residents Association07  
The Conversations Network03  
The Cox Family Foundation03  
The Ops Foundation03$451,256$2,281,972
Toastmasters International03  
Venetia Valley Education Foundation03  
Vietnovo Inc03  
World Cafe Community Foundation03$30,222$63,160
Yuppie Friday03  
Total $396,517,200$506,977,000

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