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116 Nonprofit organizations in Belvedere Tiburon, CA 94920
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Aaron Family Foundation03$517,266$1,088,497
Ace Foundation Nfp03  
African Orphans Foundation03$117,306$125,483
Allan H Rappaport Charitable Foundation Inc03$99,324$28,021
American Skills Institute03  
Angel Island Association03$262,672$220,997
Bay Area Infectious Diseases Society06  
Bel- Tib Newcomers Club07  
Belvedere Community Foundation03$2,041,165$224,506
Belvedere Lagoon Property Owners Association04$304,134$530,735
Belvedere Nursery School Inc03$929,867$1,014,409
Belvedere Sailing Society07  
Belvedere Tennis Club07$4,709,397$1,714,087
Belvedere-tiburon Landmarks Society03$4,030,561$351,338
Belvedere-tiburon Library Foundation03$6,599,063$1,516,223
Better World Fund03  
Business Action Center Inc03  
California Health Research Foundation03  
California Mentor Foundation03$345,411$425,357
California Study Inc03$23,724$76,062
Charity Enablers Foundation03$38,663$500
Charity Of Choice Foundation03$36,753$241,962
City Of Belvedere Public Financing Corporation04  
Congregation Kol Shofar03  
Constance L Heldman Foundation03$3,578$12,701
Continuity Of Life Inc03  
Corinthian Yacht Club Of San Francisco07$2,938,224$3,130,739
Denise And Prentice Cobb Halemedical Research Foundation03$64,939$4,071
Diana Dollar Knowles Foundation03$7,481,864$11,700,419
Drever Family Foundation03$50,953$309,516
Enviromental Arts And Research03  
Ewing Family Foundation03$967,230$372,956
First Church Of Christ Scientist03  
Foundation For Community Life03  
Foundation For The Aid Of The Environment Arts Culture And Youth03  
Free To Succeed03  
Frost Foundation03$3,933,143$1,077,911
Fund For Humanity03$226,764$32,992
Future Educational Films Inc03$154,361$392,355
Geothermal Education Office03  
Golden Gate Collectors Fine Arts Museums Of San Francisco Fund03  
Guardian Training03  
Harris Family Foundation03$3,601,565$393,730
Herd Family Association07$1$5,380
Hilltop Group Charitable Foundation03$5,054,980$429,543
International Meditation Center Usa West03  
It History Society03$9,276$29,603
Its About Sea Life03  
Jacinto Convit World Organization Inc03  
Jon & Darla Fisher Foundation Jon Fisher03$78,132$62,437
Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity07  
Life Balance Institute03$525,430$303,433
Light Matters Foundation03$272,446 
Little League Baseball Inc03$51,483$198,039
Lucky 7 Angels03$1,230$27,000
Malaney Family Foundation03$434,385$503,354
Marin Cat Connection03  
Marin Foundation Of Friends Of Arequipa03  
Marin Music Conservatory03$30,894$67,347
Melanoma Research Institute03$321,462$203,209
Mindfulness Without Borders Inc03$33,113$91,248
Mwsl Inc07  
Networth Television Productions Inc03$8,061 
Night Train Swimmers Inc03  
Nunca Desista03  
One Giant Leap Foundation03  
Paradise Harbor Boating Association Inc03  
Peercisely United03  
Phillips-morrison Institute Of California03$545,516$44,948
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$180,693$390,036
Quality Of Life Foundation03$8,618$18,598
Rayner Foundation03$647,292$124,297
Reed Schools Foundation03$742,433$2,149,089
Research Advantage Institute03  
Road To Freedom Scholarships03$11,822$110,452
Robert W Morey And Maura Burke Morey Charitable Trust03$27,870$10,890
Rotary Club Of Tiburon Sunset Foundation03$71,665$44,778
Rotary Club Of Tiburon-belvedere Foundation03$249,151$46,818
Rotary International04$19,434$93,498
Sacca Foundation03  
San Francisco Ewald Annual Talent Contest Ltd03$1,364,954$222,286
San Francisco Yacht Club07$10,207,494$6,561,543
Seidel Family Foundation For Better Vision Inc03$4,231$4,100
Serbian Unity Congress03$1,311$12,342
Shepherd Of The Hills Lutheran Church03  
Spiritual Assembly Of The Bahais Of Tiburon03  
Stephen M Silberstein Foundation03$87,325,226$7,894,775
Tamalpais Pacific03$5,486,689$187,799
The Belvedere Tiburon Child Care Center03$2,576,193$1,466,357
The Bewley-motluk Charitable Foundation Inc03$1,223,728$28,161
The Dawn Redwoods Charitable Trust03$825,559$1,028,679
The George Schwab And Leona Lauder Foundation03$713,244$530,300
The Hilarita - Tiburon Ecumenical Association03$9,038,619$2,110,506
The Institute For Encouraging Christian Lay Ministry Inc03  
The John Katie Hansen Family Foundation03$5,506,574$1,473,767
The New Jerusalem Church03  
The Order Of Americans Of Armorial Ancestry03  
The Walter Bridge Foundation03$1$1
Tiburon International Film Festival03$12,856$15,750
Tiburon Peninsula Chamber Of Commerce06$186,578$204,677
Tiburon Peninsula Club07  
Tiburon Peninsula Foundation03$242,539$113,903
Tiburon Peninsula Soccer League Inc03$255,885$617,646
Tiburon Salmon Institute03$213,304$34,007
Tiburon Thrift Shop03$17,693$161,151
Tiburon Volunteer Fire Department04$94,829$58,579
Tiburon Yacht Club Inc07$608,043$131,817
Transformation Global Retreat Center At Double Bluff03$1$1
Tyee Foundation03$29,317$3,355
Unico National04  
Uss St Lo Formerly Midway Cve63 Vc65 Association Inc07  
Vintners Club03$48,899$114,889
William Gorrill Swigert Foundation03$473,082$331,096
Winifred And Harry B Allen Foundation03$1,821,036$3,889,853
Zenplay Organization03  
Total $177,081,200$57,136,900

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