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91 Nonprofit organizations in Larkspur, CA 94939
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Alfred & Hanna Fromm Fund03$29,164,523$4,475,322
American Legion19$208,495$101,351
Americas Most Cost-effective Charities03$1,633,497$1,574,433
Animal Charities Of America03$5,839,414$6,705,084
Aquaya Institute03$1,112,564$1,586,050
Arrowsmith Foundation03  
Bay Area Cabaret03$144,463$260,723
Cancer Cure Of America-care Understand Research & End03$3,798,378$4,837,988
Canine Wounded Heroes03$68,409$66,670
Catholic Service Organizations Of America03$2,093,998$2,106,273
Cats On Death Row03$205,718$128,491
Charities Under 5 Percent Overhead03$527,069$712,958
Charity Without Borders03$1,391,870$2,653,304
Childrens Charitable Alliance03$350,402$659,026
Childrens Charities Of America03$2,879,830$3,792,479
Childrens Cottage03$93,993$153,104
Childrens Medical Research Charities Of America03$2,096,816$3,483,127
Christian Charities Usa03$1,795,704$3,072,169
Christian Childrens Charities03$532,028$1,361,301
Clearport Technology Group03  
Conservation And Preservation Charities Of America03$1,506,249$1,764,602
Corte Madera Larkspur Foundation03$1,121,125$1,289,406
Dogs On Death Row03$569,008$535,091
Educate America The Education School Support & Scholarship Funds03$604,631$1,262,021
Empowered By Light Foundation03$83,101$40,107
Fairfax Masonic Temple Assn02$488,106$116,511
Friends Of The Fromm Institute For Life-long Learning03$4,805,910$2,222,250
Friends Of The Larkspur Library03  
Friends Of The Team Program03  
Habitats For Dogs And Cats03$227,477$207,263
Hart Family Foundation03$2,019,219$1,324,513
Harvard Business School Angel Alumni Assocation06$135,628$94,025
Health And Medical Research Charities Of America03$5,980,541$6,441,979
Herbert And Marigrace Boyer Foundation03$493,824$518,474
Hispanic United Fund03$304,741$416,586
Hope For Healing Institute03$13,339$87,569
Horses On Death Row03$116,025$88,557
Hospice By The Bay03$47,303,985$41,888,980
Human Care Charities Of America03$1,089,093$1,400,672
Icare Travel Foundation03  
Independent Charities Of America03$6,438,752$36,822,895
Jewish Charities Of America03$323,957$617,109
John Brockway Huntington Foundation03$5,792,991$1,880,639
Larkspur Association Of Volunteer Firemen03  
Larkspur Chamber Of Commerce06  
Larkspur Library And Community Center Foundation03  
Larkspur Rec Ing Crew03  
Live Rhysstrong Foundation03  
Living Beyond Statistics03  
Local Animal Charities Of America03$579,836$928,870
Local Independent Charities Of America03$5,979,690$7,521,773
Maier Family Foundation03$877,404$101,005
Marin Brain Injury Network03$969,909$663,744
Marin County Athletic League03$12,917$116,136
Marin Medical Reserve Corps Foundation03$43,322$30,048
Marin Primary & Middle School03$22,212,444$9,392,513
Mba Challenge For Charity03$165,588$611,610
Meena Duggirala Foundation03$603,617$14,068
Military Family And Veterans Service Organizations Of America03$7,396,249$10,071,723
Military Support Groups Of America03$1,744,753$1,678,685
Nasaw Family Foundation Irrv Charitable Tr03$212,756$250,005
Newton And Rochelle Beckercharitable Trust03$99,845,980$90,108,068
Peaceful World Foundation03$4,215,543$300,000
Price Family Foundation03$13,884$115,000
Prosperity Space03  
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$65,216$92,777
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$64,897$90,184
Red Racing03  
Redwood Grapplers Club03  
Redwood High Music Boosters03  
Redwood High School Benchwarmers03$36,235$146,637
Redwood High School Foundation03$689,851$1,080,533
Redwood High School Hoops Club03  
Redwood Pigskin Club03$55,866$121,116
Remillard Cottage Board03  
Santidhamma Foundation03  
Siebel Family Charitable Foundation03$321,454$103,628
Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund03$2,136,093$2,045,973
Slavyanka Chorus Inc03$45,214$38,577
Society For Preservation & Encourmt Of Barbershop Quartet Singing Amer03  
Sports Charities Usa-supporting Youth Disabled & Natl Team Athlts03$397,613$435,679
Strata Habitat Foundation03$1,464,496$40,884
Sufi Order03  
Tidalwaves Swim Society03$98,553$237,187
Twin Cities Police Officers Association Inc05  
Uncle Mike Foundation03$1,294,932$45,602
United Heroes03  
United Workers For The Untied Way03  
Wild Animals Worldwide03$759,598$841,483
Women Children And Family Service Charities Of America03$1,348,188$1,415,951
Young Performers International03$16,927$61,712
Total $287,023,900$265,450,300

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