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92 Nonprofit organizations in Larkspur, CA 94939
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Acacia Foundation03$1,410,178$1,655,452
Alfred & Hanna Fromm Fund03$30,665,328$3,972,746
American Legion19$197,393$68,799
Americas Best Charities03$6,762,707$37,634,441
Americas Best Local Charities03$6,299,952$8,361,233
Americas Most Cost-effective Charities03$1,619,078$1,656,394
Animal Charities Of America03$6,106,373$6,997,909
Arrowsmith Foundation03  
Bay Area Cabaret03$193,587$264,218
Cancer Cure Of America-care Understand Research & End03$3,284,032$3,915,436
Canine Wounded Heroes03$70,700$77,029
Catholic Service Organizations Of America03$2,183,428$2,154,137
Cats On Death Row03$150,898$139,401
Central Marin Police Officers Association Inc05$15,014$51,706
Charities Under 5 Percent Overhead03$520,236$566,299
Charity Without Borders03$1,174,229$1,578,643
Childrens Charitable Alliance03$47,926$409,478
Childrens Charities Of America03$2,606,858$3,448,849
Childrens Cottage03$112,052$187,376
Childrens Medical Research Charities Of America03$1,922,005$3,499,045
Christian Charities Usa03$1,347,235$3,290,853
Christian Childrens Charities03$482,393$1,396,203
Clearport Technology Group03  
Conservation And Preservation Charities Of America03$1,371,239$1,750,218
Corte Madera Larkspur Foundation03$1,417,252$1,355,605
Dogs On Death Row03$368,641$367,473
Educate America The Education School Support & Scholarship Funds03$608,185$1,309,291
Empowered By Light Foundation03$135,371$167,012
Friends Of The Fromm Institute For Life-long Learning03$5,640,778$2,477,312
Friends Of The Larkspur Library03  
Friends Of The Team Program03  
Habitats For Dogs And Cats03$114,272$101,397
Hart Family Foundation03$1,903,143$580,493
Harvard Business School Angel Alumni Assocation06$140,782$51,018
Health And Medical Research Charities Of America03$5,664,543$5,972,126
Herbert And Marigrace Boyer Foundation03$215,612$268,693
Hispanic United Fund03$280,798$403,395
Hope For Healing Institute03$5,916$19,045
Horses On Death Row03$79,498$49,907
Hospice By The Bay03$57,175,038$52,937,905
Human Care Charities Of America03$1,127,219$1,376,713
Icare Travel Foundation03  
Jewish Charities Of America03$294,367$628,699
John Brockway Huntington Foundation03$5,330,744$1,966,158
Larkspur Association Of Volunteer Firemen03  
Larkspur Library And Community Center Foundation03  
Larkspur Miscellaneous Employees Association05  
Local Animal Charities Of America03$90,803$639,068
Maier Family Foundation03$864,018$115,327
Marin Brain Injury Network03$906,833$568,265
Marin County Athletic League03$12,936$109,678
Marin Medical Reserve Corps Foundation03$60,029$45,994
Marin Primary & Middle School03$23,714,407$11,023,052
Mba Challenge For Charity03$126,413$497,904
Meena Duggirala Foundation03$607,956$65,808
Military Family And Veterans Service Organizations Of America03$6,222,940$7,534,493
Military Support Groups Of America03$2,149,293$2,082,368
Morweh Educational Development Foundation03$5,168$97,632
Nasaw Family Foundation Irrv Charitable Tr03$4,520$50,221
Newton And Rochelle Beckercharitable Trust03$113,323,367$10,519,197
North Bridge Academy03$92,119$94,550
Patty And Jack Wright Foundation03$2,834,357$1,585,019
Peaceful World Foundation03$4,459,864$480,997
Price Family Foundation03$35,852$125,000
Prosperity Space03  
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$61,142$70,774
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$73,290$113,880
Redwood Grapplers Club03  
Redwood High Music Boosters03  
Redwood High School Benchwarmers03$36,910$189,834
Redwood High School Foundation03$642,139$1,027,115
Redwood High School Hoops Club03  
Redwood Pigskin Club03$74,463$58,653
Remillard Cottage Board03  
Saint Patrick Church03  
San Francisco Bay Knarr Association07  
Santidhamma Foundation03  
Siebel Family Charitable Foundation03$300,407$217,525
Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund03$1,329,955$1,416,186
Smc Educational Foundation03$1,452$9,918
Sports Charities Usa-supporting Youth Disabled & Natl Team Athlts03$372,626$442,935
Strata Habitat Foundation03$1,722,784$42,153
Sufi Order03  
Tam District Alternative Schools Foundation03  
Tidalwaves Swim Society03$118,706$253,202
Toastmasters International03  
Uncle Mike Foundation03$1,294,932$45,602
United Heroes03  
United Workers For The Untied Way03  
Wild Animals Worldwide03$782,604$837,348
Women Children And Family Service Charities Of America03$1,214,487$1,319,227
Young Performers International03$997$66,924
Total $312,582,800$194,854,000

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