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91 Nonprofit organizations in Larkspur, CA 94939
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Alfred & Hanna Fromm Fund03$29,164,523$4,475,322
Americas Most Cost-effective Charities03$1,633,497$1,574,433
Animal Charities Of America03$5,839,414$6,705,084
Aquaya Institute03$1,112,564$1,586,050
Arrowsmith Foundation03  
Bay Area Cabaret03$106,292$228,877
California Teachers Association05  
Cancer Cure Of America-care Understand Research & End03$3,798,378$4,837,988
Canine Wounded Heroes03$68,409$66,670
Catholic Service Organizations Of America03$2,093,998$2,106,273
Cats On Death Row03$205,718$128,491
Center For Digital Archaeology03$89,279$690,709
Charities Under 5 Percent Overhead03$527,069$712,958
Charity Without Borders03$1,391,870$2,653,304
Childrens Charitable Alliance03$350,402$659,026
Childrens Charities Of America03$2,879,830$3,792,479
Childrens Cottage03$93,993$153,104
Childrens Medical Research Charities Of America03$2,096,816$3,483,127
Christian Charities Usa03$1,795,704$3,072,169
Christian Childrens Charities03$532,028$1,361,301
Clearport Technology Group03  
Conservation And Preservation Charities Of America03$1,506,249$1,764,602
Corte Madera Larkspur Foundation03$1,032,768$1,214,724
Dogs On Death Row03$569,008$535,091
Educate America The Education School Support & Scholarship Funds03$604,631$1,262,021
Empowered By Light Foundation03$83,101$40,107
Fairfax Masonic Temple Assn02$488,106$116,511
Friends Of The Fromm Institute For Life-long Learning03$4,805,910$2,222,250
Friends Of The Larkspur Library03  
Friends Of The Team Program03  
Global Aids Interfaith Alliance03$2,253,764$3,251,897
Habitats For Dogs And Cats03$227,477$207,263
Hart Family Foundation03$2,019,219$1,324,513
Harvard Business School Angel Alumni Assocation06$135,628$94,025
Health And Medical Research Charities Of America03$5,980,541$6,441,979
Heart Health Institute03$1$51,855
Herbert And Marigrace Boyer Foundation03$493,824$518,474
Hispanic United Fund03$304,741$416,586
Hope For Healing Institute03$13,339$87,569
Horses On Death Row03$116,025$88,557
Hospice By The Bay03$40,975,784$37,470,693
Icare Travel Foundation03  
Independent Charities Of America03$6,438,752$36,822,895
Jewish Charities Of America03$323,957$617,109
John Brockway Huntington Foundation03$5,792,991$1,880,639
Larkspur Association Of Volunteer Firemen03  
Larkspur Chamber Of Commerce06  
Larkspur Rec Ing Crew03  
Live Rhysstrong Foundation03  
Living Beyond Statistics03  
Local Animal Charities Of America03$579,836$928,870
Local Independent Charities Of America03$5,979,690$7,521,773
Maier Family Foundation03$877,404$101,005
Marin Brain Injury Network03$969,909$663,744
Marin County Athletic League03$12,300$102,308
Marin Primary & Middle School03$22,052,752$9,516,269
Mba Challenge For Charity03$160,026$494,971
Meena Duggirala Foundation03$601,529$12,264
Military Family And Veterans Service Organizations Of America03$7,396,249$10,071,723
Military Support Groups Of America03$1,744,753$1,678,685
Nasaw Family Foundation Irrv Charitable Tr03$100,078$263,263
Newton And Rochelle Beckercharitable Trust03$99,845,980$90,108,068
Patty And Jack Wright Foundation03$2,037,518$408,633
Peaceful World Foundation03$4,215,543$300,000
Price Family Foundation03$13,884$115,000
Prosperity Space03  
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$51,340$89,446
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$83,900$88,204
Red Racing03  
Redwood Grapplers Club03  
Redwood High Music Boosters03  
Redwood High School Benchwarmers03$87,171$138,806
Redwood High School Foundation03$811,502$1,160,893
Redwood High School Hoops Club03  
Redwood Pigskin Club03$55,866$121,116
Remillard Cottage Board03  
Santidhamma Foundation03  
Siebel Family Charitable Foundation03$321,454$103,628
Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund03$2,534,363$719,748
Slavyanka Chorus Inc03$45,214$38,577
Sports Charities Usa-supporting Youth Disabled & Natl Team Athlts03$397,613$435,679
Strata Habitat Foundation03$1,485,611$37,396
Sufi Order03  
Tidalwaves Swim Society03$92,963$161,123
Twin Cities Police Officers Association Inc05  
Uncle Mike Foundation03$1,389,541$76,156
Unique And Noteworthy Charities03$1,089,093$1,400,672
United Heroes03  
United Workers For The Untied Way03  
Wild Animals Worldwide03$759,598$841,483
Women Children And Family Service Charities Of America03$1,348,188$1,415,951
Total $285,086,400$263,832,200

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