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Nonprofit Organizations
  • Find information on over 1.4 million Nonprofits.
  • Organization name, address, assets, income and IRS subsection.
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  • Source is IRS Nonprofit filings. Updated Jun 16 2014 9:37AM

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83 Nonprofit organizations in Larkspur, CA 94939
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Alfred & Hanna Fromm Fund03$23,481,541$7,229,852
American Legion19$171,551$75,626
Animal Charities Of America03$8,486,968$8,321,812
Aquaya Institute03$1,521,655$1,997,535
Cancer Cure Of America-care Understand Research & End03$6,864,797$7,268,324
Canine Wounded Heroes03$0$0
Catholic Service Organizations Of America03$0$0
Cats On Death Row03$171,612$144,168
Charities Under 1 Percent Overhead03$2,137,425$1,936,893
Charities Under 5 Percent Overhead03$1,430,748$1,406,943
Charity Without Borders03$1,962,521$2,396,104
Childrens Charitable Alliance03$458,225$812,438
Childrens Charities Of America03$4,867,578$4,994,029
Childrens Cottage03$92,097$152,029
Childrens Medical Research Charities Of America03$3,400,640$4,526,943
Christian Charities Usa03$6,195,491$6,996,508
Christian Childrens Charities03$1$0
Clearport Technology Group03$1$7,526
Conservation And Preservation Charities Of America03$2,074,000$2,471,402
Corte Madera Larkspur Foundation03$935,278$1,248,910
Dogs On Death Row03$513,259$507,787
Educate America The Education School Support & Scholarship Funds03$983,837$1,386,231
Empowered By Light Foundation03$129,086$94,125
Fairfax Masonic Temple Assn02$474,341$56,137
Friends Of The Fromm Institute For Life-long Learning03$5,332,407$2,487,879
Friends Of The Larkspur Library03$0$0
Global Aids Interfaith Alliance03$2,744,483$2,206,954
Growing With Books03$90,281$1,054
Habitats For Dogs And Cats03$0$0
Harvey L & Maud C Sorensen Foundation03$23,097,300$3,624,169
Health And Medical Research Charities Of America03$8,997,337$8,835,249
Heart Health Institute03$1$51,855
Herbert And Marigrace Boyer Foundation03$594,144$846,490
Hispanic United Fund03$513,536$565,413
Hoertkorn Family Foundation03$0$0
Hope For Healing Institute03$12,548$71,796
Horses On Death Row03$0$0
Hospice By The Bay03$30,181,851$35,258,333
Icare Travel Foundation03$0$0
Independent Charities Of America03$8,073,355$34,367,513
Jewish Charities Of America03$418,373$603,069
John Brockway Huntington Foundation03$5,852,304$1,468,691
Larkspur Association Of Volunteer Firemen03$0$0
Larkspur Chamber Of Commerce06$0$0
Legal Services Nationwide Employee Benefits Organization Inc09$158,426$1,546,704
Local Animal Charities Of America03$592,978$931,995
Local Independent Charities Of America03$5,652,074$7,073,620
Maier Family Foundation03$723,815$56,666
Marin Brain Injury Network03$897,699$431,598
Marin County Athletic League03$16,618$111,406
Marin County Estate Planning Council06$19,375$29,767
Marin Primary & Middle School03$15,148,983$8,848,620
Mba Challenge For Charity03$111,849$573,777
Meena Duggirala Foundation03$717,469$9,274
Military Family And Veterans Service Organizations Of America03$11,353,341$15,755,678
Military Support Groups Of America03$2,174,113$2,197,770
Nasaw Family Foundation Irrv Charitable Tr03$53,479$269,319
Newton And Rochelle Beckercharitable Trust03$27,878,826$14,977,624
Patty And Jack Wright Foundation03$1,272,463$602,687
Price Family Foundation03$52,373$175,000
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$64,360$81,611
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$81,697$84,870
Red Racing03$0$0
Redwood Grapplers Club03$0$0
Redwood High Music Boosters03$0$0
Redwood High School Benchwarmers03$77,172$104,079
Redwood High School Foundation03$316,492$571,688
Redwood High School Hoops Club03$0$0
Redwood Pigskin Club03$16,940$119,737
Robert T And Tina Ing Yahng Foundation03$368,168$96,467
Santidhamma Foundation03$0$0
Siebel Family Charitable Foundation03$372,657$82,676
Sports Charities Usa-supporting Youth Disabled & Natl Team Athlts03$739,673$684,797
Strata Habitat Foundation03$1,497,578$34,612
Sufi Order03$0$0
Tidalwaves Swim Society03$72,946$158,947
Toastmasters International03$0$0
Uncle Mike Foundation03$1,121,812$25,492
Unique And Noteworthy Charities03$0$0
United Heroes03$0$0
United Workers For The Untied Way03$0$0
Wild Animals Worldwide03$1,040,005$1,075,511
Women Children And Family Service Charities Of America03$2,143,329$2,045,724

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