Address Object

Verify U.S. & International Addresses in Real-Time or Batch

CASS and SERP Certified Address Object – available as a multiplatform API or Web service – parses, standardizes and verifies addresses from all over the world. Protect against fraud, waste and excess mailing costs when you clean your database of inaccurate and undeliverable addresses, and prevent bad addresses from entering in the first place.

To verify addresses in the U.S. and Canada, choose the North American Edition. For international addresses, select the World Edition that offers support for over 240 countries and territories.


  • Catch data entry errors in real-time and reduce keystrokes
  • Increase mailing & shipping accuracy
  • Save money on production, postage, & shipping
  • Analyze customer information for targeted campaigns
  • Enhance contact records with geographic & demographic data

Address Object is also available as part of the Data Quality Suite which also includes Email, Name and Phone Objects.


RBDI (Residential Business Delivery Indicator)- Identify address as residence or business..

The North American Edition of Address Object is a CASS Certified™ developer tool for U.S. and Canadian addresses. It is flexible enough for both e-commerce operations and direct mail marketing and billing tasks. It also appends suite info, verifies rural addresses, and completes data.


  • Add missing ZIP+4, carrier route and delivery point codes
  • CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certified
  • Native support for Canadian addresses (Additional subscription fee required)
  • Suggestion engine provides closest alternatives to invalid address
  • Multiplatform support with 32/64-bit versions available
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.
  • 120-Day ROI Guarantee. Details here.

Validate Addresses to the Actual Delivery Point

Address Object validates addresses to the highest level of accuracy – the physical delivery point – using the DPV and LACSLink systems, mandatory for CASS Certified processing and postal discounts.

Verify Non-USPS Addresses

DeliveryPlus, a unique database of over 5 million parcel addresses, is now available for validating addresses that are not included in the USPS National Address File. These addresses may be able to receive shipments from parcel carriers such as FedEx and UPS, even though the USPS does not deliver to these properties. Use DeliveryPlus to help identify and validate addresses for enhanced shipping efficiency.

Add Missing Suite or Apartment Numbers for Improved Deliverability

Address Object includes a complimentary add-on called AddressPlus that analyzes residential address records that are identified during ZIP+4 encoding and will append those records with the right apartment number based on a Last Name. AddressPlus works concurrently with the USPS SuiteLink product which appends business address records with the appropriate secondary suite information based on a Company name. Address data for Address Plus is compiled from multiple business and residential sources and is unique to Address Object.

4 Interfaces for Enhanced Functionality

Address Object includes Address Check, Parse, StreetData and ZipData interfaces. The Address Check interface is powered by a CASS Certified search engine to verify addresses, correct and append missing ZIP+4 codes and print USPS CASS Form 3553. The Parse interface breaks down an address into its components. The StreetData interface matches a street name or just a partial name against a ZIP Code and returns the known valid address ranges that match that pattern. The ZipData Interface links geographic data to a ZIP Code including carrier route, FIPS code, and latitude/longitude.

Suggestion Engine

Address Object’s employs complex algorithms to provide the closest possible alternatives to an invalid address. For instance, “1014 laurel, beverly hills CA” is missing suffix information. Find Suggestion could be used to present the following alternatives:

“1000-1499 Laurel Way, Beverly Hills CA 90210”

“1000-1299 Laurel Ln, Beverly Hills CA 90210”

“1000-1999 Lake Dr, Beverly Hills CA 90210”

[Coming Soon]

The World Edition of Address Object enables users to parse, standardize, verify, cleanse, transliterate, and format address data for many countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United States, and Canada. Users can also geocode address data for select countries.


  • Corrects address data for 240+ countries
  • International geocoding for select countries
  • Standardizes addresses to local format of the country
  • Adds missing components such as postal codes, region, etc.
  • Supports data in any UTF8 language
  • Transliterates native character sets into Latin
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.
  • 120-Day ROI Guarantee. Details here.

Address object World Edition

Available as a multi-platform API with libraries for:

  • Windows 2003/2008/7/Vista
  • Red Hat
  • Solaris
  • SPARC platform
  • AIX
  • Power
  • rs/6000
  • PPC
  • HPUX
  • Itanium

Also supports multiple protocols including:

  • JSON
  • SOAP
  • XML
  • REST