Data Quality Components for Pentaho

Bring Consistent, Accurate and Trustworthy Data to Business Applications

Data Quality Components For Pentaho is the perfect tool for companies to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging CDI or Customer Data Integration. Pentaho connects to virtually any database, including Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server, Oracle Database, IBM DB2, Salesforce, SAP, XML and many others, operating as the central hub for all your data cleansing, verification and consolidation needs. Data Quality Components For Pentaho standardizes, cleans, and matches information across disparate sources to resolve and unify customer/contact data and synchronize it across the enterprise.


  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface
  • Up-and-running within minutes
  • No programming required
  • Designed for both enterprise & small businesses
  • Suitable for non-technical and/or marketing personnel


  • Parse, validate & standardize international addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and full names
  • Update the addresses of customers (U.S. and Canada) who have moved
  • Eliminate duplicate records and/or match records for a single, accurate view of contacts
  • Add latitude-longitude coordinates to international postal addresses
  • Presort for First-Class® and Standard Mail™ for maximum postage discounts
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.

Easy to Use ETL Interface

Data Quality Components For Pentaho intuitive and rich graphical designer allows you to do exactly what the most skilled code developers can accomplish, in a fraction of the time, and without any manual coding.

Data Profiling and Data Quality

  • Identify data that fails to comply with business rules and standards
  • De-duplicate and cleanse inconsistent and redundant data
  • Validate, standardize and correct name, address, email and telephone data

Open-Based Architecture

  • 100% Java APIs, ideal for integrating into existing applications
  • Extensible architecture for building custom data transformation and connectors

Global Verify*

  • Verifies international addresses for over 240 countries. List of supported countries
  • Transliterates many major character sets and displays output in either native or Roman characters
  • Geocodes international postal addresses by adding a latitude-longitude coordinate. List of supported countries

General Cleansing

  • Clean, standardize and reformat any data type: change casing or capitalization, add/remove punctuation, expand/contract abbreviations
  • Search and replace parts of a string
  • Create your own rules (triggering) to standardize any data type


  • Comprehensive U.S. property and mortgage data (over 140 million records)
  • 12 main categories and 165 information fields available
  • Weekly updates
  • Options include Basic or Detailed output


  • Get detailed information from 25 million business records by simply providing an address (with or without company name), StockTicker, Web address, phone, or Melissa Address Key (MAK) as input
  • Returns over 25 categories of information such as company names, phone numbers, SIC codes, employee size, total sales estimate, and more
  • Develop informed strategies and improve analytics with enhanced business information
  • Generate productive leads with updated contact information
  • Boost marketing efforts when you know your customer and prospects better


  • Verifies name corresponds to address, email, and phone data
  • Appends missing name and company name, phone number, and/or email address
  • Provide current addresses for people and companies that have moved with 20+ years of history

Contact Verify

  • Standardizes, verifies, and corrects U.S. and Canadian addresses
  • Verifies and normalizes U.S. and Canadian phones on a 7-10 digit level
  • Parses names, genderizes, and detects suspicious words or companies in name field
  • Geocodes addresses by assigning rooftop lat/long coordinates*


  • U.S./Canadian change-of-address processing to update addresses of people or businesses that have moved


  • Identifies duplicate records with domain specific knowledge of contact information

Postal Presort*

  • Presorts for First-Class and Standard Mail discounts
  • Generates Qualification Reports and Postage Statement Reports in PDF

IP Locator*

  • Identifies Web visitor's geographic location
  • Reduces fraud and geo targets

* Additional subscription required

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