Data Quality Components for SQL Server® Integration Services (SSIS)

Full Spectrum Contact Data Quality for MDM Success

Data Quality Components for SSIS is a suite of data transformations for Microsoft SSIS that deliver the full spectrum of data quality including data profiling, data verification, data enrichment and data matching. With an intuitive interface and drag/drop capabilities, this powerful toolkit makes it easy to unify data into a single version of the truth for Master Data Management (MDM) success.


  • Verify, standardize and format address, phone, email and name data from 240+ countries
  • Rooftop geocoding for many countries
  • Easily deliver data quality routines without coding or programming
  • Get your data clean, consolidated and complete for analytics, Big Data, data warehousing and MDM
  • Free, full featured trial or free community edition

What’s New?

  • On-premise & Cloud: New on-premise Global Verify transform cleanses address, name, email and phone data locally for better speed and security.
  • Profiling: The new Profiler transform helps you access weaknesses in your data and monitor improvements over time.
  • Enhanced demographics: The Personator transform now includes detailed consumer household and lifestyle data.
Data Quality Components For SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Components

Personator® Contact Data Management for SSIS Video

In three simple steps, product specialist Matthew Bayne demonstrates how Personator for SSIS can cleanse, standardize, and append missing information such as email addresses and phone numbers to complete your contact information for better data warehousing, analytics, and bottom-line results.

“Melissa Data has leveraged the extensibility of the SSIS platform to create components that support Data Quality and master data management (MDM) including the address verification that Melissa Data is known for.”

- Denise Draper, Microsoft unit manager for SSIS

Customize your suite by adding the components of your choice. Each component requires a subscription and is sold separately:

Contact Verify

  • Standardize, verify, and correct U.S. and Canadian addresses
  • Verify and normalize U.S. and Canadian phones on a 7-10 digit level
  • Parse names, genderize, and detect suspicious words or companies in name field
  • Geocode U.S. addresses by assigning rooftop lat/long coordinates*
  • Uniquely identify addresses using Melissa Address Key (MAK)


  • Verifies name corresponds to address, email, and phone data
  • Appends missing name and company name, phone number, and/or email address
  • Adds valuable demographic information like occupation, presence of children, marital status, and much more
  • Includes data for both the U.S. & Canada


  • Supports building a target schema dynamically with sizes, nulls, unique counts, length, and field identification
  • Brings data quality analysis to data contained in columns
  • Uses every available general profiling count on the market today
  • Allows regexes and error thresholds to be set for full-fledged monitoring
  • Uses sophisticated matching to output fuzzy and exact match counts
  • Available as a commercial C++ Data Profiler API that can be OEM’d into custom apps

Global Verify

  • Verifies international addresses for over 240 countries.
    List of supported countries
  • Transliterates many major character sets and displays output in either native or Roman characters
  • Geocodes international postal addresses by adding a latitude-longitude coordinate.
    List of supported countries
  • Parses and genderizes full names and standardizes company names
  • Verifies international phone numbers and appends geographic info
  • Parses, validates, and standardizes international email addresses (includes Real-time Email Mailbox Verification)


  • U.S./Canadian change-of-address processing to update addresses of people and businesses that have moved


  • Identify duplicate records with domain-specific knowledge of contact information
  • Perform Fuzzy Matching using over 16 different Matching Algorithms
  • Automated and Intelligent Golden Record Selection through the Data Quality Score and other Algorithms
  • List Suppression and Intersection

Fuzzy Match

  • Link related records with a toolbox of fuzzy algorithms and match thresholds
  • Outputs Matches, Possible Matches and Non-Matches based on desired threshold
  • Algorithms employed include Exact, Jaro-Winkler, levenshtein, Dice's Coefficient, Frequency Near, and many more
  • Regex Builder can be used to mask or clean data on-the-fly
  • Maintains full metadata for lineage tracking

IP Locator

  • Profile Web traffic by geographical location
  • Redirect users to specific language/country pages
  • Return Lat/Long data, Zip Code, region, and more
  • Prevent password sharing and abuse of service
  • Filter access from countries you do not do business with
  • Retrieve connection speed and type
  • Supports mobile devices
  • 99.999% coverage of the internet


  • Comprehensive U.S. property and mortgage data (over 140 million records)
  • 12 main categories and 165 information fields available
  • Weekly updates
  • Options include Basic or Detailed output
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