MatchUp3 Component for SQL Server

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Don’t rely on just the stock fuzzy lookup and fuzzy grouping components for SSIS. Manually crafting rulesbased matching, is an arduous and difficult undertaking, requiring painstaking planning and development, and still does not account for many specific matching criteria. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Build your data matching routines around MatchUp3 for SSIS, which makes use of advanced fuzzy matching algorithms, coupled with deep domain knowledge, to granularly identify matches between names and nicknames, street/alias addresses, companies, cities, states, postal codes, phones, emails, and other contact data components.



MatchUp employs state-of-the-art fuzzy matching algorithms, including:

  • Exact
  • Jaro
  • Jaro-Winkler
  • n-Gram
  • Levenshtein
  • Needleman-Wunch
  • Smith-Waterman
  • Smith-Waterman-Gotoh
  • Dice’s Coefficient
  • Jacard
  • Overlap
  • Longest Common String
  • Soundex
  • Phonetex
  • Frequency
  • Frequency Near
  • Containment
  • MD Keyboard

Fuzzy Matching Component - Matching, Options, source and fields example

Fuzzy Matching Component - Matching, Options, source and fields example

Identify Obvious and Not So Obvious Duplicates

MatchUp’s advanced fuzzy matching algorithms can identify obvious duplicates like:

MatchUp Component for SSIS - Obvious Duplicate Match Example

And not-so-obvious duplicates like:

MatchUp Component for SSIS - Not Obvious Duplicate Match Example

MatchUp 3 enables powerful matching techniques:

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