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Listware Classic

Easily Prepare Your File for Fast, Secure Data Enhancement Processing

Listware Classic is a free software program that helps you prepare a file for fast, secure data transfer and processing. Listware Classic formats and encrypts only the fields required for your selected service, paving the way for smooth, easy transmission of your file to Melissa Data for processing and safe return.


  • Automated NCOA - 24/7/365 automation for NCOALink® and Canadian NCOA available
  • Faster turnaround - Listware Classic cuts processing time in half so you get your files back faster
  • Upfront invoicing - Listware Classic shows you exactly how much you’re processing with cost, with no hidden fees
  • Timesaver - Listware Classic retains the information provided on your order form for future processing orders
  • Private and efficient - Listware Classic only extracts and formats the fields required for processing
  • Eliminates service fee - Save $50 every time you use ListWare to submit a file for processing

Services available through Listware Classic:

  • Change of Address: Update the addresses of customers in your database who have moved and filed a change of address with the USPS; and CASS processes your list.
  • Address Correction: Verify, corrects and standardizes U.S. addresses, ands postal codes, CASS processes your list; plus appends walk sequence codes.
  • Phone and Fax Append: Add business and residential phone numbers and business fax numbers to your list based on provided name and address.
  • Residential Address Append: Add current full name and address to your list based on provided residential phone numbers (aka reverse phone append)
  • Business Append: Add current company name and address to your list of business phone numbers, appends business-specific data such as NAICS code, contact info, employee size and sales volume.
  • Consumer Enhancements: Add 11 fields of demographic information to consumer records such as head of household, estimated income, marital status, owner/renter, number of children, etc.
  • Duplicate Check: Search your files for duplicate name and address information and deletes duplicate records based on your preferences.
  • Area Code Update: Update area codes that have split, verifies area code/prefix of U.S. and Canadian phone numbers; corrects wrong and missing area codes.

Process Your Files With Listware Classic - Free Download