Canadian Phone Append Service

Add Accurate Canadian Phone Numbers to Quickly Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns

Now you can easily and quickly add telephone numbers to your postal list to ensure the completeness and accuracy of your Canadian Residential and Business contacts. Before you launch that telephone marketing campaign or telesales program, make sure you’ve appended your list with the most accurate phone numbers. Canadian Phone Append Services is a simple way to improve your customer communications and reach more people.


  • Save time & money with validated numbers
  • Improve marketing follow-up campaigns & outbound telesales programs
  • Expand marketing opportunities


  • Daily updates
  • Multisourced data
  • Match rates on average of 30% to 60% (depending on accuracy of name & address in your records and age and structure of your file)
  • Batch processing & 24/7 automation available

Canadian Phone Append

Canadian Phone Append Phone Append Price Chart

Required Field:

Full name and address. The name and address data can be split into component fields (e.g. first name, last name) or combined into a single field (e.g. name).

Returned Fields:

Phone Number

Canadian Reverse Phone Append

Canadian Reverse Phone Append Price Chart

Required Field:

Phone Number

Returned Fields:

Full Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code

Add Consumer, Business & Canadian Phone Numbers to Your Database with our Phone Append Services