Email Change-of-Address (ECOA) Service

Raise E-Marketing Delivery & Response Rates

Frustrated by poor response rates to your email marketing campaigns? The culprit could be bad and outdated emails in your list. It's estimated that nearly 30% of your email address list goes bad each year simply because of attrition--so don't wait any longer.

Melissa Data's Email Change-of-Address (ECOA) service cleans your list of typos, formatting issues and invalid domains, and then matches it to a database of hundreds of millions of records to identify outdated emails and replace them with new, actively-engaged recipients.


  • Reestablish contact with customers who have changed email addresses
  • Raise e-marketing response rates
  • Avoid ISP blacklisting
  • Increase ROI by getting your message to more active, engaged prospects

How It Works

  1. You upload your list of bad (bounced) emails
  2. We match your list against email change-of address records
  3. Then, once a new deliverable email is found, we send a permission email to the recipient
  4. Your list is then ready for you with clean, updated emails
Email Change-of-Address (ECOA