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Global and International Address Verification

Correct Address Data for More than 240 Countries

Undeliverable addresses are bad news for good business practices, and when you go global the challenge is even greater to make sure your mail arrives when and where you expect it to. Because address formats are unique to each country, you need to employ a data processing company with proven international experience.

Use Melissa Data's Global Address Verification service to correct and standardize international address information for more than 240 countries and territories to:

  • Improve mail delivery
  • Reduce returns and postage expenses
  • Keep customers happy

Our service will provides international address verification to correct addresses, and can standardize address data to the mailing format for each specific country. Verifying and standardizing your international addresses not only lowers costs due to fewer undeliverable returns, it also improves matching and consolidation of duplicate records.


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International Address Verification

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