Non-USPS® Change of Address

Reduce Undeliverable-As-Addressed Mail by Going Beyond NCOALink®

Consumer moves are the biggest cause of undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail. Over 43 million Americans move each year. And, 40% of all moves are not reported to the USPS. Melissa Data offers two hygiene services that go beyond NCOALink to help you stay in touch with moving customers and reduce returned mail and waste.

Note: It is always recommended that you use these services in conjunction with NCOALink, rather than as a standalone service. NCOALink is still the best method to capture the most moves, and is required in order to meet the USPS Move-Update Requirements.


  • Save on production time & postage
  • Expand your direct mail campaigns
  • Stay in touch with customers who have moved


  • Database of 121 million+ records (mCOA)
  • Multiple private sources data collection
  • 360 months (wayback) database (pCOA)

mCOA (Multisource Change of Address)

The mCOA database contains 60 months (5 years) of address changes to help identify residents that have moved, but may not have filed a change of address with the USPS. The file consists of 121 million records from sources including magazine subscriptions, catalog houses, insurance companies, credit bureaus, mail-order firms, and others.

Records Processed

Price per 1000 processed

Up to 50,000


50,000 - 500,000


500,000 - 1 Million


The minimum order per file is $75.00. The Standard turnaround is 24 hours or next business day. RUSH ORDERS (same-day turnaround guaranteed) are available for files of less than one million records. For RUSH ORDERS there is an additional $100.00 fee. All RUSH ORDERS must be received before 12:00 pm PST.

pCOA (Proprietary Change of Address)

The pCOA database goes back 360 months (30 years) to identify movers in your customer list. The file consists of data collected from multiple private sources including banks, credit card companies, magazine publishers, etc. Often, these companies will receive change-of-address notifications that were not reported to the USPS.

Records Processed

Price per 1000 processed

Up to 250,000


250,000 - 500,000


500,000 - 1 Million


1 Million+

Call 1-800-635-4772

The minimum order per file is $250.00. There are no electronic transfer fees and no additional charges. Standard turnaround is 2 business days.

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