SIC Coding

Get Mission-Critical Intelligence about Business Prospects

Add the 6-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes to the business records in your database. Use this information to identify the most responsive industry types and to acquire more leads.


  • Determine your best B2B markets
  • Know more about prospects
  • Focus on prospects in markets most likely to respond

Records Processed

Price per/K Appended

Up to 100,000


100,000 – 500,000


500,000 – 1 Million


1 Million +


The minimum order per file is $150. There are no electronic transfer fees and no additional charges. Standard turnaround is 1 business day or less.

Required Fields:

Company; Address; City; State, and 5-digit ZIP Code

Returned Fields:

SIC Code

SIC Coding Process Your Files With Listware Classic - Free Download