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Identify voters, save hard-earned campaign funds, and maximize turnout

Enhancing your voter list allows you to reach voters across multiple channels and will define the districts that are important to you. Melissa Data offers all the services you need to enhance the quality and performance of your voter database and mailing lists. We’ll help you build a “pro-active” voter base so you can win at the polls.

Voter Data

Voter Lists

Affordable database of registered voters updated weekly.

  • 145 million records, all 50 states
  • Selects include: name, address, phone, and party affiliation

Phone Append Services

Phone Append

Append phone numbers to your lists based on residential name and/or address for get out the vote (GOTV) calls.

  • Covers 90% of U.S. households
  • 25-50% append rate for Exempt orgs
  • Low cost per thousand
  • Pay only for successful matches. Learn More!

Phone Append Services

Email Append

Append valid, opt-in email names to your house files and purchased lists for timely, cost-effective email communications.

  • Email addresses pulled from large network of vendors
  • 15-50% append rate
  • Pay only for successful matches. Learn More!

Phone Append Services


Choose from thousands of detailed data enhancement codes to accurately identify your voters based on lifestyle and demographics.

  • Enhance house lists or purchased lists
  • Selects include: Religion, Household Income, Presence of Children, Past Contributor, Wildlife and Other Group Associations. Learn More!

Phone Append Services

Move Updating

Use our NCOALink change of address service to update addresses before spending money on direct mail campaigns.

  • 24/7 service
  • Choose 24 or 48 month processing
  • Qualifies for First-Class Mail® automation discounts. Learn More!

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