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Email Marketing Campaigns

Reach fresh prospects, send targeted ads to your community, and save money on advertising.

Select your email addresses geographically to target prospects with local deals. We will help design and customize your email to get the best response. Try monthly emails for better results; industry standards recommend targeting the same prospects seven times. If you already have your own email list, we’ll be glad to send your email to those as well!

Why Choose Local E-Blasts?

E-Mail Marketing 5 Mile raduis
  • Target thousands of fresh local prospects
  • Get your message out quickly and easily
  • An affordable way to start an advertising campaign
  • Change your message each time you send
  • Helpful professionals work with you to design your blast

Receive hot, unique leads for prospects who click through on your email message. You will receive the names and email addresses of each person that clicks the link in your email message.

Your one stop shop for a total email campaign. Email list rental and sending services are included in your campaign. No need to go elsewhere – we get it all done!

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