Medical Conditions Mailing Lists

Reach Patients with Medical Conditions

Reach people with all types of ailments looking for products and services that meet their needs. Our data is gathered from household surveys that gather info on ailments, illnesses, medical conditions, and addictions. Medical Conditions Mailing Lists are ideal for marketers of pharmaceutical and over-the-counter remedies and medical devices for consumers, hospitals, and physicians. The mailing list is also perfect for healthcare magazines, credit cards, self-help products, and more.

Melissa Data Mailings Lists are regularly run through National Change-of-Address processing (NCOALink®) so you can reach your audience at the right address. The lists are also CASS processed to ensure each address is valid.


  • Contact name, mailing address, & ailment
  • Monthly updates
  • Selects include: ailment; contact name; mailing address

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