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Essential Voter Data To Ensure Winning Results

For over 30 years, Melissa Data has helped campaigns win at the polls and at the coffers with the most accurate data possible from all 50 states. Create your Ultimate Campaign Database for political and donor campaigns. Maximize support and contributions for decisive success by reaching responsive individuals with your message.

Our Voter Data Includes:

  • Names & addresses for over 145 million voters including a verified 42 million registered voters—Democrat, Republican, Independent
  • Nearly 250 million households nationwide
  • Monthly updates
  • Phone & Email Addresses
  • NCOALink® & USPS® CASS processing for greatest deliverability

Selection of Demographics:

  • Political District
  • Party Affilliation
  • Gender
  • Ethnic Group
  • Mail Responder
  • & Many More...

Grow & Enhance Your Voter Data

Send us your voter data, We can append:

  • Phone Numbers - Cover 90% of U.S.Households. Learn More
  • Email - Valid, Opt-in Email Addresses. Learn More
  • Micro-Targeting - Identify your voters based on lifestyle. Learn More
  • Move Updating - Use our NCOALink Change of Address Service to update addresses. Learn More

Why Choose Us:

  • Most Accurrate Data at Lowest Price
  • Qualified Prospects & Multiple Causes
  • Hard-to-find Specialty Lists
  • Secure, Fast, Efficient Turnaround

What to do Now:

  • Submit Your Info to get Free Quote
  • 1-800-635-4772, Opt. #2

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