MAILERS+4 Add-on Components

Enhance the Performance of MAILERS+4 with Powerful Add-Ons


Melissa Data offers you one more solution for meeting USPS® Move Update standards. Now you can access SmartMover real-time processing, 24/7/365, directly from MAILERS+4 postal automation software to reduce undeliverable mail.

 Records  Price/Year
 Up to 100,000  $395/yr
 Up to 300,000  $695/yr
 Up to 1 Million  $995/yr
 Up to 3 Million  $1695/yr
 Over 3 Million  Call for pricing
 Broker Subscription Plan: Call for pricing.
 There are no electronic transfer fees and no additional
 charges for Footnotes.

Order SmartMover for MAILERS+4 Today! To order, call 1-800-800-MAIL, opt 3.


MAILERS+4 with GeoCoder will append latitude and longitude, Census tract and block number, plus county FIPS code down to the ZIP+4 level. Use the latitude and longitude coordinates to determine distance between any two places, pointpoint customer locations, or find the closest dealer to a customer…and the direction. Link Census tract and block numbers to Census data for more precise target marketing campaigns.

Buy single update $1,990.00
Buy one year subscription $2,990.00


Palletization is an indispensible option for high-volume mailings and the Palletization component for MAILERS+4 features robust presorting capabilities to maximize its value. Options for First Class Mail® include Letter (Auto; Non-auto, Non-machine) and Flats (CoTray), while the Standard Mail® options consist of Letter (ECRRT; Auto; Non-auto, Non-machine) and Flats (ECRRT; CoSack).