Easily Validate Addresses, Get ZIP + 4® Codes & More

ZIP*USA compares U.S. addresses against the National Address database from the USPS®. If the address is verified, ZIP*USA returns the correct ZIP+4, carrier route, and delivery point codes, county name, time zone, and area code. ZIP*USA gives you access to address information on 123 million addresses nationwide, including addresses in Puerto Rico, Guam, and American Samoa. You’ll be able to look up companies, ZIP codes in a city, street names and cities in a ZIP Code.


  • Get inexpensive address verification
  • Reduce data entry time
  • Complete inaccurate or missing data


  • Returns ZIP+4, carrier routes, and more
  • Access to 123 million U.S. addresses
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.
ZIP*USA, Easily Validate Addresses, Get ZIP+4 Codes and More!