Tips for Best Saturation Mailing

A Saturation Mailing List allows you to possess one of the most powerful marketing tools available to cost-effectively reach the most customers and prospects. No second guessing. Simply put, your business message is delivered with a personalized address label complete with an occupant’s name, giving your mailing the personal touch.

What Is Saturation Mailing? The Rules, Cost Savings, & USPS EDDM & Comparison

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What is it?

  • Also known as an occupant list
  • Cost saving, affordable direct mail marketing campaign tool for local businesses that rely on walk-in traffic, word of mouth, and who want to reach potential customers, establish brand awareness, expand into a new market, reach their best customers—their neighbors!
  • Literally, “saturates” a localized area with your message
  • Many local businesses target specified neighborhoods in a radius 2-5 miles from your business using ZIP Codes, City or County, Rural Routes, apartments & businesses within a postal carrier route
  • Mail at least 200 sorted & addressed in Walk Sequence order of a carrier postal route

The Rules: How to Qualify for Maximum Saturation Mail Discounted Postage Rate

  • Most important! The mailing must be sorted in “Walk Sequence” order—the actual sequence the postal carrier walks the route. This is an Enhanced Carrier Route Walk Sequence (ECRWSS). Mailing in walk sequence order saves the Postal Service™ time, labor, and money and you benefit with reduced costs by making the Post Office job easier.
  • Follow the 90/75 Rule. You must mail at least 90% of residential addresses, or at least 75% of the total number of residential & business addresses in a given carrier route. If a carrier’s route consists of 500 addresses, 400 of which are residences, your saturation mailing would have to reach 90 percent or 360 of the 400 residential addresses or 75 percent (or 375 of ALL addresses in the carrier route).
  • Not allowed in a saturation mailing: personal letters, bills, invoices, statements, contracts, valuables, or currency.
  • Send only sales or promotional messages in format of letter, post cards, or flats.
  • Mailing must be sorted and addressed pieces all be the same size, shape and weight.

Cost Savings

  • Save 20-25 percent off the cost of Standard Mail & 50-60 percent off the cost of First-Class mail.
  • A Saturation mailing list typically costs up to 70 percent less than a Consumer or Business list.
  • Cost per lead is less than one penny on a Saturation Mailing list.
  • Non-profits can save even more (once confirmed eligible).
Your postal savings enable you to buy a larger Saturation list & mail more pieces. Send 10,000 pieces in a saturation mailing for the same price as 1,000 pieces with names on a consumer/business list.

USPS EDDM & Comparison

What Is Every Door Direct Mail of USPS (EDDM®)

  • This is a service offered by USPS that allows local businesses to select postal routes and bring mailings to your local Post Office for delivery.
  • It is for flats only (Standard flats, postcards, oversized postcards, tri-folds, irregular parcels, periodicals, and bound printed flats) and mailpieces must not weight more than 3.3 oz. each
  • It requires mailing label and correct indicia (postage payment method used by authorized mailer instead of a postage stamp or meter stamp).
  • Does not include personalized labels addressed with names (only Local Postal Customer, Residential Customer, P.O. Box Holder).

Personalization & Costa Benefits of Melissa Data Over EDDM

Why Melissa Data Saturation Lists Considerations Over EDDM
• Variety in envelope/mail sizes. Flats only & specific sizes
• Free names with 77% of addresses for personalization. No names & no addresses (Postal Customer)
• Target mailing with multiple options. Blanket mail by radius, less effective
• Better response rate & ROI with ability to personalize message. Message delivered to unknowns
• No sales tax on download lists. No list purchased required, but more limitations
• More leads at less cost. Over-saturation with fewer returns
• Customization of your mailing. Restrictive requirements
• Can send your own mailing list to us for DSF® (Walk Sequence Numbers) processing.

Add a Personal touch and add names affiliated with your addresses

The Melissa Data Advantage

Melissa Data is known for its superior mailing saturation lists that provide you the extra boost your mailings need—the personal touch that comes with names affiliated with your addresses to help insure an improved response rate, and so much more. Few things are more personal, especially with Melissa Data’s Saturation Lists with names personalized on over 77% of addresses unlike the USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM). Saturation mailing is easier than you think with Melissa Data and more affordable with our lowest price guarantee.

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  • Personalized with free names on over 77% of addresses for better response rate & ROI.
  • Get noticed with the personal touch our Saturation Lists provide because we use NAMES not “Occupant” or “Current Resident”.
  • Offer online mapping tool to see where your best customers live.
  • Free LookUps pinpoint average incomes & home value for specific carrier routes to help your message zero in on the right group.
  • Select from more than 142 million U.S. addresses, updated monthly.
  • Guaranteed to reach your recipients or we will replace any undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) data at no cost with new data.
  • CASS certified to avoid processing costs.
  • Low cost mailing lists and low price guarantee.
  • Free consultation and availability of other products to define your list.

Mailing Solutions - Mailing Lists

Mailing Solutions

Melissa Data mailing solutions for your direct mail needs cover the gamut of multisourced, up-to-date mailing lists to industry-leading mailing and shipping software. We have 100s of specialty mailing lists in addition to saturation/occupant, consumer, business, property, and more! Discover how to better target your best prospects, increase deliverability, save money and enjoy greater ROI.

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