Save Money When You Capture Accurate Data at the Point-of-Entry

Quickly verifying contact data as it flows into your database saves your organization money. The one tried-and-true method for maintaining accurate, up-to-date records at a minimal cost is to fix data as it flows into your company's Call Center, CRMs or E-commerce apps.

The longer poor contact data remains in your system, the more expensive it is to correct it. It costs firms about $1 to verify the accuracy of a record at the point-of-entry, but $10 to clean it in batch form and $100 per record if nothing is done for an extended time. Bad data results in undeliverable shipments, low customer retention, and inefficient CRM initiatives.

Benefits of Melissa Data’s data verification solutions:

  • Immediately catch customer data input errors
  • Standardize data for faster processing
  • Save money on postage and shipping
  • Identify vacant addresses
  • Improve customer/prospect communications
  • Easily identify purchasing trends

Test Drive a Data Verification Tool for Free:

Address Autocompletion
Save time, prevent typing errors and simplify the checkout process with Express Entry Address Autocompletion. It reduces keystrokes by up to 50% while ensuring only verified addresses enter your database.
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Point-Of-Entry Address Verification
Make sure that the data captured via Web forms is verified and accurate. Also reduce keystrokes with auto completion/suggestion functionality.
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Prevent Fraud
Make sure address data is correct and matches name before processing a credit card information.
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Achieve a single view of customers by merging duplicate records and eliminating extraneous ones in real time at the point-of-entry.
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