Improve Customer Satisfaction - Validate & Standardize Contact Data in Real Time

E-commerce businesses invest heavily in search marketing, PPC campaigns, and web ads for the purpose of driving high-quality traffic to their sites. Yet even if an organization is successful in increasing web traffic, the problem of retaining and earning a customer's repeat business is a significant one.

One essential way to promote customer satisfaction is to reduce returns and late deliveries. Validating and standardizing address data in real time (i.e., as a customer enters data in the contact form) ensures only good contact data enters your system and that you are shipping to the correct address.

The benefits of Melissa Data’s data quality solutions:

  • Improve customer satisfaction: Verify contact data to maintain communication with valued customers.

  • Eliminate returned shipments: Get the address right the first time to cut out reshipping fees and ensure accurate deliveries.

  • Prevent Fraud: Make sure address data is correct and matches the name before you process a credit card.

Some of Our Customers:
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Address Autocompletion
Save time, prevent typing errors and simplify the checkout process with Express Entry Address Autocompletion. It reduces keystrokes by up to 50% while ensuring only verified addresses enter your database.
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Mailing & Shipping Calculator Mailing & Shipping Calculator
Power your e-commerce with “Amazon”-style shipping capabilities with our simple plugin to reduce shipping costs by 20%.
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Point-of-Entry Address Verification Solutions Point-of-Entry Address Verification
Clean your database of inaccurate, incomplete or undeliverable addresses in real-time or batch
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Change of Address SolutionsFraud Prevention
Make sure address data is correct and matches the name before processing a credit transaction.
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Deduplication SolutionsGeocoding
Link address data to precise Lat/Long coordinates – useful in “Find a Store” lookups and logistics.
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