Lower Budgets & Maintain Constituent Communication

Governments and public sector organizations face many challenges in a time of shrinking public expenditures, increased data collection, and constituent expectations of timely and direct communication. Quality contact data ensures that organizations can work effectively with these complications.

Melissa Data offers easy-to-use data quality solutions for federal government agencies, U.S. state and local governments and public sector organizations. These solutions standardize data capture across multiple channels, keep in touch with constituents who have moved, and increase direct mail and email engagement.


Maintain budget goals – Stop sending out duplicate direct marketing pieces to constituents

Ensure data transparency – Validated, standardized data is easier to organize and manage, allowing your staff to easily meet data reporting requirements

Clean data at the point-of-entry – Making sure bad data doesn't enter your system in the first place is the least expensive & most effective data quality option

Constituent data integration – Merge/purge records from various divisions and integrate your constituents databases

Some of Our Customers:

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Point-Of-Entry Address Verification
Clean your database of inaccurate, incomplete or undeliverable addresses in real-time or batch.
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Change Of Address Solutions
Fully-automated 48-month NCOALink® via FTP, SSIS, Web Service; files processed and returned in minutes.
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Deduplication Solutions
Achieve a single view of customers by merging duplicate records and eliminating extraneous ones so you have confidence in your data.
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Presort Solutions
Presort Object will presort your First-Class and Standard Mail® mailings and reduce the cost of postage by up to 40%-50% on average.
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