Data Quality Maximizes Insurers’ Profitability

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Cal Optima needed to migrate its membership data into a data warehouse. The problem: poor data quality.
Find out how they solved this issue.

Are you looking for ways to increase growth and reduce costs? Then look to the quality of your data. Inaccurate data in the form of out-of-date addresses, duplicate records, and inability to provide a 360-degree view of the customer are holding you back – decreasing the effectiveness of client communications, customer satisfaction, new client outreach and accurate risk assessment.

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Solutions Used by this Industry

Point-of-Entry Address Verification
Point-of-Entry Address Verification

Make sure the data captured via web forms is verified so insurance quotes are based on accurate information.

Change of Address
Change of Address

Many of your customer’s policies have changed because they changed residence. Scrub your addresses against the USPS® National Change of Address NCOALink®

Bulk Mailing
Bulk Mailing

Verify addresses and presort your mailings to maximize efficient delivery and reduce postage rates.


Set premiums and make underwriting decisions based on the physical location of insured property.