Data Quality Tools for Magento®

Global Data Verification & Precise Shipping Calculator Plugins for Smooth E-Commerce Operations

E-commerce gets powered up with plugins for Magento that improve your bottom line and your customer experience. It boosts a real-time global address autocomplete and verification plugin for over 240 countries; and a shipping-predictions plugin that brings “Amazon”style shipping capabilities to your online store to dramatically reduce cart abandonment and increase profitibability.

Two Magento Ecommerce Plugins Available from Melissa Data:

Global Address Autocomplete and Verification:

  • Capture, clean, and complete addresses worldwide
  • Verify addresses before you mail or ship for timely delivery
  • Virtually eliminate returned shipments, associated charges and support issues

Decimal Shipping Calculator:

  • Control shipping costs – never lose money on shipping again!
  • Ship and control costs by your own rules
  • Slash cart abandonment and keep customers happy

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Global Data Verification

E-Commerce Plugin for Magento for Faster, Accurate Check-Out

Melissa Data and Crafty Clicks have teamed up to create Global Data Verification, which provides real-time address autocomplete for 240+ countries. Once installed, a user can simply begin typing in an address and the product will return a list of verified addresses to choose from. Click the desired address from the list of suggestions and the product will easily autopopulate the address fields with valid data.


  • Reduce form abandonment - requiring up to 50% less keystrokes to enter address information
  • Improve address data quality – only verified addresses enter your system
  • Reduce returned shipments, associated charges and customer support issues
  • Speed deliveries and ensure customer satisfaction


  • Verifies/corrects address data for 240+ countries
  • International Geocoding for 40+ countries
  • Standardizes addresses to local format of the country
  • Adds missing components such as postal codes, region, etc.
  • Supports data in any UTF8 language
  • Transliterates native character sets into Latin

The Magento plug-in includes the following:

  • Global Express Entry: Auto-completes pre-verified addresses in real time and speeds up form entry requiring 50% fewer keystrokes
  • Global Address Verification: Validates and cleanses international addresses after checkout for over 240 countries and territories

Decimal: Precise Shipping Calculator for E-Commerce

Reduce Shipping Costs 20% and Slash Abandonment Rates

Melissa Data’s Decimal is an accurate shipping-predictions algorithm (calculator) that lets you ship, save, and please customers in an “Amazonian” manner—fast and affordable. Manage your shipping your way—with your shipping rules, no matter how complex. Boost sales. Slash cart abandonment by knowing the exact rate that will keep shoppers happy and your shipping costs profitable.

You can avoid a situation where the freight calculates too high and the cart is abandoned. Or when the freight is calculated too low and your profit margin is lost.

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  • Better management of shipping rates, margins & carriers/services
  • Capture lowest shipping rates with Dynamic Rate Shopping
  • Increase warehouse efficiency with advance in-cart Box Predictions to know which size container your warehouse will use
  • Ensure accurate deliveries with Instant address verification
  • Reduce shipping costs by 20% and increase sales of 15%


  • Provides all types of shipping rates (flat, table-based, or real-time from USPS®, UPS®, FedEx®, and DHL
  • Real-time shipping rates
  • Allows for shipping rates by product
  • Calculates box size
  • Multiple warehouse options
  • Drop-ship capable for using multiple vendors and partners

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