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Drowning in undeliverables and a rising tide of increased costs? Melissa Data is your life preserver. Check out our latest video for a myriad of mailing and shipping solutions to fit your business needs.

Are you struggling with undeliverable mail, increased costs due to waste, returned mail, and keeping up with ever-changing postal regulations? There are ways to solve these problems. Ultimately, it all boils down to having clean customer data. Verifying, cleaning, and updating addresses are just some ways you can reduce costs and waste, and ensure your mail and packages get delivered on time, everytime.

Learn more about Melissa Data’s solutions and how we can help you save both time and money.


Solutions Used by this Industry

Express Entry
Address Auto Completion

Express Entry address autocompletion utilizes a type-ahead search functionality that makes it easier for users to enter valid addresses with up to 50% fewer keystrokes.

Global Address Verification
Global Address Verification

Parse, standardize, verify, cleanse, transliterate, format and geocode address data for over 240 countries. Cloud service and plugins for popular platforms like Magento, Pentaho, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Excel, and SQL Server.

Predictive Shipping
Predictive Shipping

Manage shipping your way with the Melissa Data Decimal shipping calculator and boost sales by predicting delivery dates and shipping options on your products page.

Change of Address Processing
Change of Address Processing

SmartMover National Change of Address services will update the addresses of U.S. and/or Canada customers that have recently moved.

Presort Object
Postal Presorting

Maximize postal processing speed and productivity with Presort Object and qualifying mailings for lowest automation and non-automation presort rates.

Postal Automation Software

MAILERS+4 is the affordable, easy-to-use bulk mail software program that verifies and standardizes addresses, dedupes your lists, and presorts your mailing.