CLEAN_Address® for Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise

Correct & Standardize Addresses in PeopleSoft Enterprise

CLEAN_Address® for Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise is a multiplatform API that corrects and standardizes addresses in the PeopleSoft Enterprise system. Our Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) provides real-time address correction and validation at the point of entry. It also features a batch option for cleaning records and verifies international addresses for over 240 countries and territories.

CLEAN_Address serves customers in a number of industries, including higher education, healthcare, insurance, utilities, and telecommunications, to name a few.


  • Cut down on returned mail by up to 99%
  • Implement your data standards across the organization
  • Verify and correct your address data in real-time
  • Save keystrokes with address auto-completion


  • Real-time address verification
  • Batch processing for your records
  • Change-of-address processing
  • Geocoding (add Lat/Long coordinates to address records)
  • Open API for custom development

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CLEAN_Address supports three types of integrations within PeopleSoft.

  1. Real-Time Integration:
    Simply load in a project file to extend the base functionality of all address entry pages. CLEAN_Address enables real-time address checking in over 220 component address pages. When verifying an address, you can use several modes and features, including forcing a valid address to always be entered (as in self-service), and showing a static or selectable suggestion list to the user when a non-deliverable address is entered.

  2. Batch Processing:
    A batch processing interface is also provided for updating the existing address data in several address tables (including PS_ADDRESSES). It's easy to check the quality of the address data by accessing one of the many available reports.

  3. Change of Address Processing:
    CLEAN_Address supports a change-of-address interface for PeopleSoft. It provides a standardized way to extract, load, and process address changes in an automated fashion via NCOALink® (National Change-Of-Address) processing. A full suite of reports is also provided.


The CLEAN_Address engine delivers a flexible Service-Oriented Architecture that resides centrally in your data center and supports all of your enterprise systems. Platforms include: Linux®; Solaris; IBM® AIX; HP-UX; and Microsoft® Windows®.

CLEAN_Address  Verify and Standize Data

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