Profiler Object

Data Profiling to Understand Data Quality Issues Clearly and Quickly

Profiler Object is a multiplatform data profiling API designed to analyze data in a variety of column types to ensure it adheres to the limitations imposed by the user-specified type. Profiler Object provides a great number of statistics, at varying levels of details, allowing users to develop informed strategies and best-practice data profiling techniques on how best to manage and employ their data.

Profiler Object was designed to tackle two possible data profiling scenarios

  1. Discovery - In this scenario, Profiler analyzes new data before it's inserted into a data warehouse. This data profiling technique ensures the data is correctly fielded, consistently formatted, standardized, etc. Detecting and fixing data problems before data is merged into a data warehouse saves time and money.
  2. Monitoring - It is difficult to maintain a comprehensive set of business rules in a data warehouse that supports multiple methods of access (Web, desktop, tablet, phone, etc.). Our data profiling tool addresses this problem by continually analyzing the warehoused data to ensure data quality.


  • Discovers existing weaknesses in your database (duplicates, badly fielded data, bad data, etc.)
  • Enforces business rules on incoming records at point-of-entry
  • Allows the building of metadata repository that aids in data governance and building strategic datamarts
  • Maintains data quality by continuously monitoring data after its merged into a data warehouse
  • Enforces business rules on incoming records, so you can maintain data standardization


  • Allows regexes and error thresholds to be set for full-fledged monitoring
  • Uses sophisticated matching to output fuzzy and exact match counts
  • Available as a commercial C++ Data Profiler API that can be OEM’d into custom apps
  • Uses every available general profiling count on the market today
  • Leverages sophisticated parsing technology to identify, extract, and understand data
  • Brings data quality analysis to data contained in columns
  • Returns numerous string and numeric stats from averages to quartiles to minimum and maximum values, etc.
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.

Monitor, Measure & Analyze Data with Proler Object
Monitor, Measure, & Analyze Data with Profiler Object

Data Analysis

Profiler Object provides three levels of data profiling analysis:

  • General Formatting: Used to determine if the input data ‘looks’ like what is expected (used for names, emails, postal codes, etc.)
  • Content Analysis: Relies on reference data to determine if the input data contains information consistent with what is expected
  • Field Analysis: Determines if the input data has duplicates

Knowledge-Based Analysis

Relying on a variety of Data Profiling techniques, Profiler Object can analyze a wide variety of data types:

  • Contact Name
  • Title or Department
  • Company
  • Address
  • City
  • State or Province
  • ZIP or Postal Code
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Email Address
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