Data Quality Tools for Scribe

U.S. and Global Data Cleansing During Data Integration

Scribe Online provides the data integration services you need to integrate, migrate, or replicate data no matter where it’s located.

Now with Melissa Data Services for Scribe Online, you can sanitate as you integrate your data. Easily verify, correct and update U.S. and international contact data including addresses, names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Melissa Data Services Connector for Scribe includes the following data quality solutions:

Global Address Verification:
Verify and cleanse addresses from over 240 countries and territories to increase shipping and mailing accuracy, lower costs, and improve overall effectiveness of your marketing initiatives..

  • Standardizes addresses to local country format
  • Adds missing components such as postal codes, region, etc.
  • Appends precise geocode (lat/long coordinates) for 40+ countries and territories

Personator is the next generation data quality cloud service that keeps address, name, phone and email data current, verified and clean. Personator helps you gain a complete, holistic record of your customers with name-to-address verification, in addition to parsing, validating and standardizing phone numbers and emails to ensure the best quality of communication.

  • Prevent fraud, eliminate reshipping fees and misdirected invoices with real-time full contact validation
  • Complete records with missing data such as email, phone and address—all based on cross-referencing 2 billion multisourced datasets
  • Geocodes addresses for mapping capabilities
  • Access 2015 GeoCensus TIGER Data for 50 U.S. states and territories
  • Locate customers who have moved—includes “way back data” for the past 10 years to get the most current address of consumer and business moves

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