Data Quality Tools for Shopware®

Point-of-entry data verification for leading ecommerce platform

Shopware® is customizable software that allows users to quickly and easily create an e-commerce site. It is one of the most widely used e-commerce tools in the European market with over 26,000 customers.

The Melissa Data Shopware plug-in enables online merchants to verify and correct addresses as they are entered, as well as validating information from over 240 countries and territories in real time.

Shopware plug-in includes the following data quality solutions:

Global Address Verification

Verify and cleanse addresses from over 240 countries and territories to increase shipping and mailing accuracy, lower costs, and improve overall effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

  • Standardizes addresses to local country format
  • Adds missing components such as postal codes, region, etc.
  • Appends precise geocode (lat/long coordinates) for 40+ countries and territories

Global Express Entry

Global Express Entry®auto-completes pre-verified addresses in real time and speeds up form entry using 50% fewer keystrokes.

  • Speed up order entry with reduced keystrokes
  • Reduce lost leads due to form abandonments
  • Eliminate shipping costs due to incorrect addresses
  • Upgrade the user experience by making address-entry easier for your users around the world
  • Save money - address capture reduces returned or misdirected invoices & shipments
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