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What's Included with My Purchase?

  • Proof of Concept - Unlimited*
  • Technical Support - Unlimited; 6:30am - 6:00pm PST(after hours support available)
  • Consulting with Melissa Data Professional Services - 3 hours

Technical Support Definitions

Proof of Concept

A Proof of Concept (POC) is a demonstration that Melissa Data’s products will satisfy the business and technical requirements of the client. The Proof of Concept will demonstrate all the functionality of the Melissa Data product using demo data provided by Melissa Data or the client (if the client makes the data available prior to the Proof of Concept).

Particular attention may be paid to functional areas that are more important to the client, at their request. This can also entail Melissa Data processing a subset of the client’s real data to show what results the product will return.

What this does not include:

A Proof of Concept does not include the demonstration or support of actual integration of the Melissa Data product into the client’s environment. It also does not include support of speed optimization for client environments where the Melissa Data component is not the sole component contributing to the time.

  • *Special Case: MatchUp
  • Proof of Concept (POC) includes: A POC for MatchUp includes a primer and general tutorial of MatchUp and matchcodes; and a demonstration of matching using a demo or client-provided demo data set.
  • Proof of Concept does not include: A POC does not include advice or support of future matchcode design for speed optimizations.

Technical Support

Technical support covers:

  • Helping the client get the Melissa Data provided sample code, or the client’s sample or test code up and running in their environment.
  • Helping the client use Melissa Data’s products correctly.
  • Providing “best practices” advice.

Technical support does not cover:

  • Helping the client on parts of their application or system that do not directly interface with a Melissa Data product.
  • Helping improve speed beyond an environment where Melissa Data is not the sole component contributing to the time.
  • Helping the client with integration of Melissa Data components into a more complex architecture when the samples have been shown to work.

Professional Services

Professional services cover:

  • Product Training sessions conducted at our headquarters, online, or at our regularly scheduled regional information sessions.
  • Data Quality, Governance and Integration Consulting to resolve complex data quality issues.
  • Custom Development Services to create custom data, or custom programming in and around data quality.