Data Quality Integration Tools for Talend

U.S. & Canadian Address Cleansing and Geocoding for Enterprise Data Quality

Verify, correct, standardize, and geocode address data for effective communications, better decisions, increased sales, and reduced costs for enterprise business operations.

The Melissa Data/Talend partnership provides data quality integration to ensure clean, accurate, and reliable data in Talend’s Enterprise Data Quality. The pairing is perfect for the needs of unstructured Big Data.

Melissa Data’s integration for Talend includes the following data quality solutions:

Global Address Verification: Verify and cleanse addresses from over 240 countries and territories to increase shipping and mailing accuracy, lower costs, and improve overall effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

  • Standardizes addresses to local country format
  • Adds missing components such as postal codes, region, etc.
  • Appends precise geocode (lat/long coordinates) for 40+ countries and territories

Geocoder: Make informed decisions about risk exposure, tax jurisdictions, sales clustering, marketing segmentation, logistics, and more with Geocoder. Available as a multiplatform API or Web service, the solution incorporates spatial data from multiple data providers – a process called conflation – to provide rooftop locations for 95% of all physical addresses in the U.S., business and residential.

  • Power dealer/store location lookups
  • Initiate efficient logistics operations
  • Conduct spatial analysis

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