Leverage the power and flexibility of Melissa Data solutions with a choice of on-premises APIs, Cloud services, and desktop software.


On-premise API's

Address Object
Address Object®

CASS and SERP Certified Engine for advanced address verification and correction specific to the United States and Canada (optional).

CLEAN_Address for Oracle

A development component to verify and standardize U.S., Canadian, and global addresses for over 240 countries.

Data Quality Suite
Data Quality Suite

The Data Quality Suite is a collection of developer tools to verify and correct contact data, including mailing addresses, names, email addresses, and phone numbers at point of entry or in batch.

Email Object
Email Object®

Instantly validate email addresses, correct common typographical errors, and standardize email addresses as they are entered.

GeoCoder Object With GeoPoints
GeoCoder Object®

We match U.S. and international addresses against our multisourced data sets to provide geocoding and enable spatial analysis.

MatchUp Object - Identify and Dedupe Duplicate Records
MatchUp Object®

This batch or point-of-capture programming API can be integrated into regular maintenance routines, data collection forms, and more.

Name Object
Name Object®

Identify vulgar and fraudulent names, create personalized messages, and genderize using a multiplatform programming API.

Phone Object - verify phone numbers, update area codes, and append data
Phone Object

Multiplatform programming API to verify telephone numbers specific to the United States and Canada (optional).

Presort Object®

Maximize postal processing speed and productivity while qualifying mailings for lowest automation and non-automation presort rates.

Data Profiling to Understand Data Quality Issues Clearly and Quickly
Profiler Object®

Multiplatform API helps you understand and control data better, discover database weaknesses and fix them for improved analytics and informed strategies.

Residential Business Delivery Indicator

Helps shippers minimize parcel shipping costs by verifying the address delivery type as either business or residential.

RightFielder Object®

Prevent costly errors that result from an improperly fielded database by turning contact info text stream into structured data.

Cloud Services

Business Coder

Our 25 million multisourced business records return firmographic information such as company names, phone numbers, SIC codes, employee size, and more to optimize B2B analytics, and sales and marketing efforts.


A development component to verify and standardize U.S., Canadian, and global addresses for over 240 countries.

Contact Verification Server
Contact Verification Server

A turnkey data quality appliance that provides contact data verification and enrichment – including address, phone, and email verification, name parsing, and geocoding

Global Express Entry
Global Express Entry

Reduce Keystrokes by 50% with Real Time Address Capture.

Global Address Verification
Global Address Verification

Clean and complete global addresses for 240+ countries for best deliverability and customer satisfaction.

Global Email Cloud Service
Global Email

Parse, validate, and standardize email addresses as they are entered.

Global Name
Global Geocoding

Returns a latitude and longitude coordinate for addresses in the U.S. and over 40 other countries.

Global Name
Global Name

Parse and genderize full names and standardize company names.

Global Phone
Global Phone

Verify phone numbers and append geographic information.

IP Locator Cloud Service
IP Locator

Identify a visitor’s geographic location non-intrusively.


Integrate marketing lists into your application for easy direct marketing.

Personator - Capture, Verify and Enrich Contact Data in the Cloud

A data quality service performing discreet contact data validation; designed for both e-commerce and enterprise data-quality cleansing.

Property Service
Property Service

Access detailed property information on over 140 million U.S. properties using our cloud hosted solution.

Reverse Geocoder
Reverse Geocoder

Get the nearest valid U.S addresses to a latitude and longitude coordinate. Reverse GeoCoder converts a geographic coordinate to a valid street address.


Real-time cloud-based service that allows you to update the addresses of U.S. and Canadian customers that have recently moved.

Street Search
Street Search

Get the closest possible alternatives for an invalid address.

Telco SmartSearch
Telco SmartSearch

Access the Telco database 24/7 via real-time HTTP/S XML. The Web service provides a unique solution for fast response times to get you the data you need.

ZIP Search
ZIP Search

Match geographic data to a ZIP Code™ to correct misspelled city names.

Desktop Solutions

Global Express Entry
Global Express Entry

Reduce keystrokes by 50% with real time address capture

Listware Classic - Prepare Your File for Fast, Secure Data Enhancement Processing.

Clean and enrich customer and prospect data in Excel®, Salesforce® or online.


The leading postal automation bulk mail software to expedite delivery at the lowest postage rates possible.

MatchUp® - deduplication (merge/purge) software

Powerful data deduplication (merge/purge) software that gives you many different ways of identifying duplicate records.

ZIP*USA® - address verification tool

Inexpensive address verification tool providing ZIP+4®, carrier route and other address information for 123 million addresses nationwide.