Stay in Touch with Students & Recent Grads

Are you finding it difficult to keep in touch with your students and alumni? Is your database filled with outdated contact records? In an increasingly data-driven world, data quality is an issue educational institutions can no longer ignore. Data entry errors and variations in data result in lost opportunities to communicate with students, alumni, and faculty.

Valid address data ensures fundraising letters, admission packets, tuition statements, and alumni newsletters reach their intended recipients, and in a timely manner. Melissa Data's data quality solutions provide universities with the tools they need to verify address data, remove duplicate records, and locate individuals who have moved.

The benefits of Melissa Data’s data quality solutions:

  • Clean data is good data: Point-of-entry address verification corrects data before it enters the system.

  • Students and alumni move. Keep up with them: We match your files against National Change of Address records to reduce undeliverable-as-addressed mail.

  • Cut mailing costs: We eliminate the duplicate records in your database that lead to redundant mailings.

  • Increase fundraising opportunities: Reach the right person at the correct address in a timely manner.


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Point-of-Entry Address Verification Solutions Point-of-Entry Address Verification
Clean your database of inaccurate, incomplete or undeliverable addresses in real-time or batch.
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Change of Address SolutionsChange of Address
Fully-automated 48-month NCOALink via FTP, SSIS, Web Service; files processed and returned in minutes.
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Deduplication SolutionsDeduplication
Achieve a single view of contacts by merging duplicate records and eliminating extraneous ones so you have confidence in your data.
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Presort SolutionsPresort Mailings
Presort Object will presort your First-Class™ and Standard Mail® postal mailings and reduce the cost of postage by up to 40%-50% on average.
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