Street Search

Find the Closest Possible Alternatives for an Invalid Address

Take the guesswork out of confirming street names. Street Search Web service provides direct access to the National Data files for the ability to generate street suggestions for undeterminable addresses, reducing undeliverable mail pieces, wasted postage, and lost communications.

  • Matches a street name or partial street name against a city name or ZIP Code
  • Matches incorrect or misspelled addresses to the valid range
  • Helps clean up contact information
  • Accommodates high-volume processing
  • 24/7 convenience
  • Supports multiple protocols including JSON, SOAP, XML, and REST
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.

Street Search matches a street name or just a partial street name and returns any valid addresses that match that pattern.

Used in conjunction with Address Object, Street Search can be used to match incorrect or misspelled street names, list possible ranges for a street or a highrise and generate probable suggestions for end users to select.

For example, if “123 Main” matches both “123 Main St” and “123 Main

Ave” in the same ZIP Code. Address Object would return a multiple match error. Street Search can return all records that match that pattern in the same ZIP Code, allowing you to correct a partial or inaccurate address record that would otherwise result in an undeliverable mail piece.

The records that Street Search returns describe ranges of delivery address, not necessarily specific individual addresses. Therefore, Street Search cannot be used to construct address records from partial data. It can be used to verify that a submitted address falls within a valid range of known addresses (and thus is probably a deliverable address). Alternately, it can used to suggest alternate spellings for a street name or possibly alternate ZIP codes within the same city when the Address Object service cannot verify a submitted address.

Street Search
Sample Street Search Input Sample Street Search Output
22382 Emp
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Range Low: 22300
Range High: 22398
Range Odd/Even: E
Street Name: Empresa
Street Suffix: AVDA
Zip: 92688

Street Search - Matches a street name or partial street name against a city name or ZIP Code Upload a sample of your data for a free analysis