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MatchUp Object Deduplication

Dedupe Your Lists & Reduce Costs

MatchUp® is a powerful deduplication tool that removes and merges duplicate records. The MatchUp deduper features multiple ways of identifying duplicate records and dedupes lists in different formats with different name, address, and city/state/ZIP structures, without taking the time to manipulate files and get them into the same format, making data dedupe easier than ever.

The MatchUp deduper allows users to:
  • Combine data from duplicate records to streamline communications & business operations

  • Identify related entries within or across multiple datasets to discover profitable relationships

  • Eliminate excessive "rules based" dedupe matching

  • Find and link data despite content errors & omissions

How Does MatchUp Dedupe Data?

MatchUp Object features three ways to dedupe your contact data:
  1. Read/Write Deduping - Dedupes by comparing records in one or more databases at once.

  2. Incremental Deduping - Compares each record as they come in and against a database of already deduped records. Ideal for real-time data entry.

  3. Hybrid Deduping - Gives you the flexibility to customize the deduplication process if your environment requires internal key storage or comparisons to smaller clusters of records. Ideal for real-time data entry or batch processing entire lists for deduping.

MatchUp is also available as a deduping software.

Dedupe & Arrive at The Golden Record Via SSIS

Matchup deduplication is also available as a Data Quality Component for our SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), a suite of custom data cleansing transformation components for Microsoft® SSIS. MatchUp dedupes your list and produces the "golden record" which is a single, accurate view of the customer free of duplicate information and inaccuracies.

Golden record selection allows for automatically selecting the best and most accurate record in a group of duplicate records and designating it as the single best and unique representation of that entity in your data. There are four main options for selecting a golden record: Last Updated Record, Most Complete Record, Custom Expression/Rules, and most important of all, Data Quality Score. MatchUp is unique because it selects the golden record based on each record's Data Quality Score. To learn more visit our SSIS Page

Learn the fundamentals of matching customer data.

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MatchUp® Software
A desktop application offering out-of-the-box productivity.
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MatchUp Object®
This batch or point-of-capture programming API can be integrated into regular maintenance routines, data collection forms and more.
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Listware® for Excel + +
A free Excel add-in that cleans and enriches your customers' name, address, phone & email data. Simply open your spreadsheet, click the Listware tab, select the records to process, and start cleaning your list. >>Try it for free

Batch Processing Service
Submit your files in any format. We identify and eliminate duplicate records from your database and return the results to you.
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Data Quality Components for SQL Server
Custom data cleansing transformation components for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). >>Activate free trial | Learn More

Contact Zone
Data quality hub application to integrate and cleanse customer data without manual coding.
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MatchUp was built with contact-domain specific knowledge. We have leveraged our 27 years of experience working with addresses and names to build in contact-specific rules so you don't have to. In addition to contact data, MatchUp also has a full toolbox of general string fuzzy algorithms. These algorithms provide a flexible engine for any type of data quality project.

Features & Benefits

Domain Specific Knowledge: We know all about contact data from their idiosyncrasies to common mistakes. We have built deduplication rules and logic specifically from this knowledge.
  • Address Obscurities: Handle addresses no matter what format they are in. Not all parts of an address are created equal. We isolate and match on the important elements of the address while accounting for the elements where mistakes happen the most.

  • Nicknames and Abbreviations: We have databases and deduper logic built over decades to find matches for nicknames and abbreviations.

  • Different Formatting: Don't worry if your data is in different formats. MatchUp will take the data and parse it out correctly to find the best match as part of our deduping process.

Fuzzy Algorithms: MelissaData has also included a toolbox of over 12 general string matching data deduping algorithms. These include industry-accepted algorithms like Levenstein and Jaro-Winkler, as well as proprietary Melissa Data deduplication algorithms like MD_Keyboard. However, MatchUp is capable of much more than just the aforementioned features. The following are a few use cases that demonstrate the power of MatchUp in different scenarios.


Householding is a concept that allows you to group data by pre-defined criteria. Often, this criterion is a household (all members of a household count as one group). However, the same deduplication concept can be applied to any other deduping criteria whether it's a workplace, a department, a last name, or even a location.

Proximity Matching: One powerful feature that sets MatchUp apart from all other deduper tools is the ability to set the geographic distance as a criterion. Often, a large building or company will have entrances on different streets, or a physical mail box along with a PO Box. You can use Proximity matching to group records that are geographically close together.

List Intersection/Suppression MatchUp deduplication makes matching between multiple lists easy. Sometimes, your deduping project requires you not to consolidate multiple lists, but just to find common or unique records between them. MatchUp's list intersection ability allows you to find all the common data between multiple lists. Conversely, MatchUp's list suppression ability allows you to find just the data that is unique to each individual list. The applications for these deduplication abilities are nearly endless, especially with MatchUp's flexible matching capabilities which allow you to customize the matching to your exact data set.

Flexible Matching: MatchUp has incredible customization and can adapt to any type of data that can be thrown at it. It can handle over 35 pre-defined data types (like address, email, SSN…) and allow up to 16 cascading rule sets deduping data. For example, you can match on address and full name. However, if that fails, you can cascade down to match on address, first name, initial, and last name up to 16 match attempts.

Point Of Entry/Batch

As a developer, system admin, or database admin tool, MatchUp can be implemented at point of entry or in batch. Point-of-entry processing provides real-time monitoring of incoming records allowing you to accept unique records while rejecting duplicate records while they are being entered. Batch processing enables you to dedupe an entire database at once.

Speed/Scalability: MatchUp is a fast and scalable deduplication tool. It can handle millions of records an hour in batch and find any matches in under a second for point of entry. Built for the enterprise, MatchUp is multi-thread safe and scalable for data sets of any size.

MatchUp provides you with the opportunity to deduplicate your data. You can finally have a single, consolidated view of the data that drives your business. Data itself is not power. Correct data is information that provides knowledge. Knoweldge is power. Empower your business and take the next step in contact data quality with Melissa Data's MatchUp.

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