PPC… the Super Bowl of Advertising Venues

It’s called Pay Per Click and it’s being hailed as the “most effective advertising medium yet devised.”

You connect with customers the very instant they want to hear from you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Google AdWords attracts customers by providing a bridge between folks looking for your product or service and your site. You specify keywords that you think people will be searching for to come to your site. Google takes note of users who are searching for these keywords and displays your ads to them. Pay per click means you get charged only based on how many times your ad is clicked on… not viewed.

If you’ve got a convincing landing page, you can expect a fair number of users to covert to customers. According to Peter Majarich, Google AdWords Coordinator in Sydney, “You should be able to make your money back, and then some, all within a few weeks.” Peter offers the following tips to TACKLE your competitors head on with AdWords:

Target: Speak to who you want, when they want you to
Think about your users and what they’ll be searching for. Google claims your ads can be served with up to 99% accuracy to your selected target audience.

Ads: The carrot on the stick
Come up with snappy, to-the-point ads that will convince users to visit your site. Make sure they are descriptive, accurate and outshine competitors’ ads.

Cost: It’s in your control
You can specify a daily budget and a maximum CPC (cost per click) for each keyword. Generally, the higher your CPC, the higher up the listing your ad should appear.

Keywords: Be specific rather than generic
Focus on specific, narrow product areas that you can achieve success in. Think of your strength, and you can become the market leader for that niche.

Location: Where in the world do you think you’re going?
Restrict your regions to where your customers are. Don’t waste your time and money pursuing customers who aren’t interested in your product, or can get it closer to home.

Evaluate: If you haven’t made enough money the first time, try again
Continually fine-tune and optimize your keywords. The more you tweak and test your keywords, geo-targeting and other campaign variables, the more successful, and valuable your space.


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