Welcome to the Blogosphere… Y’All Come Back Now!
That’s the whole idea… keep them coming back for more. What started out as Web Logs in the mid-1990’s as an outlet for teenage expression and grassroots journalism has turned into a lucrative communications tool for small and large businesses alike. Everyone is talking about blogs these days as the magic money-making marketing tool.

Blogging is one arena where the size of your company doesn’t matter. It is a place to promote your ideas, provide tips, and express yourself in hopes of building an audience… that may, in turn, become customers. When a company presents itself honestly and transparently, it not only builds trust, but instills loyalty as well. Blogging is the trademark of forward-thinking companies. They increase awareness about the company, as well as establish itself as an authority with its readers.

Tips for Successful Blogging (from the Brook Group, a Maryland based web design company)

1. Fine print – There are many legal issues surrounding blogs. It is imperative that the site has some sort of disclaimer and limitation of liability.

2. Know what you’re doing – senior management needs to know what blogs are and how they might affect business. Their support and participation is often what makes a blog more effective.

3. Create blogging policies – Ensure that trade secrets and financial information are kept secret and personal lives do not become public, along with the severe consequences for anyone using the blog for negative publicity.

4. Avoid the Marketing Blog – Be sincere. Customers are looking for real answers and honest opinions. Don’t ruin it by filling it with empty advertising.

5. Keep it fresh – Make content relevant and timely. Update the blog as often as possible with the most worthwhile news… from product releases to job openings, recent news to thoughts from the CEO.

6. Reinforce the company’s core values – Make sure the content fits these values and supports the business strategy. Reflect your company’s mission, goals and direction.

7. Encourage employees to use it – Create an atmosphere where employees are comfortable asserting their opinions and concerns. Remind employees of the ramifications of any negative impact they might cause.

P.S. Don’t forget to create RSS feeds – search engines love them and can shoot you right to the top in ranking.


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