Top 5 Myths of Event Marketing

By Bob Hanson- In working with organizations that do hundreds of live and online seminars with marketing objectives, Iíve collected a list of the top event marketing myths. Read on to see if you are making these mistakes.

Myth #1: A Topic of Great Interest to My Company Will Draw
Many people assume that just because they present a topic important to their business that the target audience will appreciate this and show up in droves. The fact is prospects are likely to only respond to something of great interest to them.

Myth #2: The Topic or Speaker Alone Drive Registrations
In short, this is a good start but not enough. You need a robust marketing plan and a compelling invitation and offer to sell-out your event.

Myth #3: Failing to Get Speakers to Buy into Sales Objectives
Many speakers think their primary objective is to educate, entertain, or demonstrate their expertise, anything but the primary objective of most events, which is to ENHANCE SALES.

Myth #4: Failure to Re-Market the Event to Registrants
Many marketers think that their job is done when a prospect registers for an event. If you are offering a free event, for example, you can easily experience no-show rates of 60% or more.

Myth #5: Not Using a Marketing Sequence to Sell Registrants
Many marketers think a simple follow-up call or mailing is enough to convert interested prospects. Sales conversion is generally not that easy. Don't fall into these common traps. Instead, avoid them and see your sales rise. Here are some revenue boosting strategies.

Event Marketing Myth Busters:
1. Find out the top pain points of your target market and run events geared towards those issues.

2. Build your invitation on the best practices of direct marketing including a compelling headline, magnetic benefits, and an irresistible offer.

3. Have your speaker present a sales script written for them. Or, add a second speaker who SELLS.

4. Send at least two reminders before the event.

5. Use a marketing conversion sequence that combines email, telemarketing, and direct mail.

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