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Increase your 2010 delivery potential!
Use Telco SmartSearch to verify and correct information about your customers, including phone numbers and addresses. Our database is made up of 120 million residential and business phone numbers, and is updated daily in real-time for the freshest data available.

Bud Walker
DQT Product Manager

   January 7, 2010

The Data Maze Ė January 2010

Dan Sutherland of IBM explains why data professionals must constantly learn and keep up with the fast-paced changes happening in their sphere of influence.
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You Canít Force Data Quality
Craig S. Mullins of NEON Enterprise Software, Inc. says organizations can do better at verifying data in their customer-facing Web applications. 
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Featured Case Study: EDA Gives Clients Competitive Edge via Deduplication Tool
EDA provides accurate equipment-based market intelligence including sales and lease transactions for 11 different industries to help improve customersí direct marketing efforts. Conflicting data about the same buyers or products became a root cause of bad information for the firm. 
Read how EDA successfully identified 10 percent more duplicates in their three million record file.
Introducing WebSmart Service!
Need to improve customer relationships and operational efficiency? WebSmart is for you! Choose from services like IP Locator, Address Verifier and Geocoding, among many other service options.
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Know where your Internet visitors are coming from
Without invading a visitorís privacy, IP Locator Object helps you identify an Internet userís geographical location, i.e. country, region, city, latitude and longitude, ZIP Code, ISP and domain name using a proprietary IP address, lookup database, and technology. See IP Locator Object in action here!

Product   Description  
MatchUp Object
Identify & eliminate duplicate records using up to 16 matchcodes. If any matchcode hits, duplicates are recorded. Easily create unique matchcodes that look for any length of data from any place in any field. Download Free Trial

GeoCoder Object Adds latitude/longitude coordinates and census tract/block numbers to the records in your database.   Download Free Trial
Address Object Verifies addresses in real-time or batch. Ensures database integrity, catches customer data-input errors, saves money on postage and shipping, and standardizes data for faster processing. Download Free Trial
Right Fielder Object Right Fielder gives you the control and flexibility to transform messy text data into correctly fielded information that can be used with database programs. Download Free Trial
Email Object   Verify, correct, and standardize email addresses in batch or at point of entry to ensure efficient delivery every time Download Free Trial

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