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Direct Response
Moving Decisions Forward with Contrast
The #1 Motivator That Makes You Irresistible to Your Prospects
How to Reach Nostalgics, Wannabees and Party Animals
1 Question to Answer. "What's In It For Me?"
5 Simple Steps for Generating Sales Leads
7 Steps for Creating Successful Marketing
4 Strategies That Reduce Buyer Risk
Do You Know Who Your Customers Really Are?
A Simple Strategy for Marketing Your Business
5 Ways to Use Postcards to Drive Website Traffic
8 Tips for Customer-Focused Marketing Promotions
12 Ways to Inspire Confidence Without Testimonials
5 Sure-fire Selling Tips
The Top 8 Direct Marketing Offers of All Time
7 Ways to Say Thank You
7 Insider Marketing Magic Secrets
Catering to Those Savvy Seniors
The Real Job of Ay Direct Marketing Campaign
Converting Inquiries Into Orders
Books, The New Premium
The 10 Commandments of Youth Marketing
Top 10 Alternative Marketing Trends for 2007--Part I
Top 10 Alternative Marketing Trends for 2007--Part II
How Guerrillas Attack Customer Loss
Sizzling Premiums
Prepare for Social Commerce
What Guerrillas Give Out Free
18 Essential Elements- Direct Marketing 101
13 Costly Marketing Mistakes
The 10 Most Common Errors in Direct Mail Marketing
Mail and Web Make Great Marketing Duo
The Last 5 of the 13 Costly Marketing Mistakes
Marketing Challenge: Do You Stalk Customers?
10 Key Trends of Natural Marketing in 2007
12 Cost-Cutting Tips You Can Take to the Bank
Marketing with E-Newsletters
The 10 Natural Marketing Advantages of Small Businesses
8 Ways to Make a Budget Work
First 4 Steps in Social Media for Business
Top 5 Bad Things About Landing Pages
Top 5 Good Things About Landing Pages
How Do You Spell Succes?
10 Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Business
BtoB Marketers Must Adapt
DMA Responds to Consumer Popularity of ‘Do Not Mail’ Lists
10 Things Online Marketers Should Consider For First Quarter 2008
Postal Optimization: A Growing Business Imperative
The Zen of Lead Generation
The Zen of Lead Generation, Part II
The Zen of Marketing Success & Lead Generation (Part III)
What Some Marketers Miss That Reduces ROI
A Variety of Tips From the Marketing Grab Bag!
What's in Your E-Mail Contact Strategy
7 Elements of a Perfect Landing Page
18 Tips for Cutting Costs Without Laying Off Staff
Postage Rates To Rise, Time To Use Postcards
Act Promptly on Leads For Conversions
Self-Defense Tips for Your Budget
Confronting Your Marketing Karma and Dharma
Don't Neglect These Marketing Basics
7 Reasons Why Your Marketing Plan Doesn't Work
How Can B-to-B Marketers Stretch Their Marketing Budget to Generate Leads in This Economy?
Don’t Call It a Comeback
Don't Ever Offer Great Service, Great Value, or a Great Product
5 Steps to a Successful Product Launch
The "Do's" and "Don'ts" of Dislodging a Competitor
10 Instant Profit Making Strategies
Planning for 2011: 3 Questions to Ask (Part 1)
Planning for 2011: 3 Questions to Ask (Part 2)

PR & Media
10 Steps To Unleash Your Lead PR Machine
7 Steps to Sharper Networking
10 Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Business
Making the Most of Trade Shows
5 “Less Obvious” Powers of a Press Release
Top 10 Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses
Spotlight Conversation: DM Takes the Stage in Vegas
6 Steps to Successful Case Studies
By Any Other Name
Beginners Guide on How to Use Subliminal Messages in Advertising
3 Media Pitching Secrets
4 Steps to Grow Your Brand Online
What's the Measure of One Word?
How Personal Branding Can Save You From the Recession
10 Steps for a Successful PR Program
Happy Communicating in 2010!
Formulate Your Content Strategy in 10 Simple Steps

Customer Loyalty
Customer Loyalty Doesn’t Just Happen. You Have to Work at it
Nine Laws of Customer Loyalty
Four Tactics for Developing Customer Loyalty to Your Web Site
4 Factors for Building a Loyal Customer Base
How Does Your Company Measure Up On The Trust Monitor?
4 Ways to Generate Buzz for Your Brand
5 Considerations Every Marketer Should Employ
Your Employees Expect Marketing Leadership
How to Create the Ultimate Referral Marketing Systems in 7 Simple Steps
DMA Spotlight: DMA President Pushes CCC
Can Small Businesses Benefit From PR?
Why Getting Consumers to Trust Us Is Incredibly Hard
Be Sure You Ask the Right People
6 Warning Signs of Bad Customer Service
Part 1: 21 Keys to Improving Customer Retention through Relationship Marketing Programs
Part 2: 21 Keys to Improving Customer Retention through Relationship Marketing Programs
The Mindfulness of Marketing: How to Focus on the Customer
7 Important Lessons Learned From Smart Marketers
5 Marketing Strategies to Beat the Downturn
7 Ways to Establish Reader Loyalty & Increase Customer Profitability
Building Client and Referral Communities
To Protect and Serve
7 Rules for Direct Marketers: Part 1
7 Rules for Direct Marketers: Part 2
A Letter of Thanks
Editors as Direct Marketers
6 Steps to More Engaged Subscribers
The Top 5 Ways to Attract and Keep Customers in Any Economy
5 Ways Social Marketing Can Improve Customer Loyalty
7 Tips on Keeping Customers For Life
How Customer Loyalty Differs Online
Oldfangled Ideas For This Newfangled Year
How to Set Up a Customer Reference Program
Preserving Customer Relationships
Lifetime Value of Customer Appreciation
Part 1: 12 Breeds of Clients and How to Work with Them
Part 2: 12 Breeds of Clients and How to Work with Them
3 Steps to Turn Happy Customers into Cheerleaders
How to Discover & Attract More of Your Ideal Client
How to Accelerate Referrals

Event Marketing
Top 5 Myths of Event Marketing
What's Your Plan for 2008?
6 Surprising Marketing Forecasts for 2009--Part 1
5 More Surprising Marketing Forecasts for 2009--Part 2
Is Your Audience Gagging on Your Content? A 6-Step Reality Check
6 Tips: Integrating Soical Media With Other Marketing Channels
Best Practices for Preparing Online Presentations
We Need Experts!
It’s Time to ‘Go Rogue’ With Your Marketing in 2010
Ramp Up Testimonials in 2010
How to Create High-Value Presentations that Attract New Business
The 3 Basic Rules Of Trade Show Exhibit Design


How to Build a Small-Business Web Site, Part 1: Nuts & Bolts
By Popular Demand – Humor in Direct Marketing
Is Social Marketing Brand Marketing Dressed in Digital Drag?
Writing for Digital Media
How to Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Website with Traditional Direct Mail
A Game of Seek and Hold for Multichannel Marketers
Create Twice the Impact with Mail and the Internet
Mind the Gaps
5 Crucial Multichannel Metrics
The Next Big Thing: Advanced Marketing Analytics
5 Tips to Recession-Proof Global Marketing
Adapt and Thrive in a Recession
How SMBs Can Level the Marketing Playing Field
Do Your Postcards, Website and Email Campaigns Work in Perfect Harmony?
It’s All About Listening to Your Customer (Data)
10 Ways Merchants Can Find New Customers
You Can't Put Lipstick on a Pig--And You Can't Hide Lousy Marketing
The Ultimate Marketing Survival Guide for 2009--A Favorite Author Exclusive
Elements of a Good Marketing Plan
Pushing One-to-One Marketing on Email
Maximum Help From Limited Resources
Across the Great Divide: Bridging the Gaps Among 4 Generations at Work
Creating a Marketing Dividend
Across the Great Divide: Target & Sell to 4 Generations!
5 Must-Haves For Your E-Commerce Site
Claim Your Niche Market for Guaranteed Business Growth
Tips on Using Big Business Marketing Strategy For Your Business
How's Your Reputation?
How Do You Know if it's Time to Spend MORE?
When Marketing, Travel Through the 4 Dimensions of Time
7 Marketing Strategies That Transcend Generational Differences
The Next Wave of Digital Marketing Trends
3 Tips for Nonprofit Viral Marketing
Cell Telefundraising
Extending Your Brand Experience in an Online World
Melissa Data’s Fast and Free LookUps Provide Instant Answers for Mailers
10 Steps to Bridging the Gaps
Content Marketing Tips for 2011

Database Marketing
7 Deadly Sins of Database Marketing
4 Ways to Market with Behavioral Data
A 12-Point Checklist for Database Marketing
How to Build Your Customer Database
How Long Should You Keep Contacts in Your Database?
How a Relational Database Helps Marketers
5 Ways to Jump Start Your 2008 Checklist
Self-Regulate or Die
The Power of Predictive Modeling
Is Your Data Green?
Database Marketing in Tough Times
Data Mining: A Strategic Plan
Is Your Marketing Database a Lemon or Limousine?
Using Your Co-ops to Maximize Profit Potential
How to Integrate Clickstream Data & Catalog Strategy
Retail Blogging as a Database Marketing Strategy
3 Ways to Gather Actionable Data to Improve Marketing Impact
3 Steps to Success For Data Feeds
Real-Time Monitoring & Abandonment Follow-Up
Database Marketing Strategies for Mailing Deep
Data Gathering Opportunities Growing—Require Careful Scrutiny by Marketers

Generating Sales
5 Simple Steps for Generating Sales Leads
The 2-Step Lead Generation Machine
7 Ideas for More B2B Direct Mail Sales Leads
Target Marketing Secrets to Maximize Your Time and Income
Your Call-to-Action: 9 Techniques To Increase Sales
Customers Versus Campaigns
Whitepaper: How Direct Mail Helps Strengthen Online Sales
Hitting the Moving Target
Yes, You Can Recession-Proof Your Business
Part 2: Yes, You Can Recession-Proof Your Business!
Go Vertical: 3 Ways Niche Marketing Can Boost Your Business
Sales Enablement – Bridging the Divide Between Sales and Marketing
Drive Web Traffic with Catalogs
Marketing & Sales: Friends or Foes?
The Power of the Transaction Path
Pennies, Pounds and Fools
5 Tools Your Salespeople Need to Succeed
CPC vs. CPM: Which Delivers Better ROI?
Create Your Own Referral Sales Force
Finding Your Marketing Mojo
Follow Up to Maximize Appointment Setting
Generate Leads with White Papers—6 Timeless Tips
The Laws of Attraction
Changing Your Circulation Techniques in Critical Situations
Bad Economy Could Be Good For Big Media (And Marketers)
Strategy Promos: What Really Works?
How to Effectively Locate and Use WIN ZIP Codes
Lead Generation & Audience Engagement
How to Generate Sales AND Inquiries With the Yes/Maybe Offer
The Selling Magic of Billy Mays
Remote Shopping
More Daunting, Yes, But Dialing the Phone Still Works
Your Journey to Marketing El Dorado
Use New FTC Guidelines to Increase Your Sales
Your Guide to Effective Lead Generation Planning
Keeping Your Small Business Afloat in Tough Times
Recession Marketing Part 1: 9 Survival and Growth Strategies
Recession Marketing Part 2: 9 Survival and Growth Strategies
"So That You Can..."
Marketing for Leads—Are You Asking the Right Questions?
To Truly Engage, Follow Up
Winning Campaigns: Integrating Offline & Online Strategies is Key
5 Rules for Following Up without Being Annoying

Going Green
Dare to Dream Green
Greener Choices with the U.S. Postal Service®
Is Your Data Green?
What's the Future of Green Marketing?