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Enterprise Data Management
Database Trends & Usage
Programming Ideas & Tips
Tips and Tricks on Address Object

Enterprise Data Management
Inside the Mind of an Oracle User
Total CRM Software Revenue Goes Sky-High
IBM Launches SOA-Tuned Data Server DB2 9
Why Marketers Rely on Technology to Fuel ROI
Will Linux, Unix or Windows Dominate the Operating Landscape?
What IT Skills Are Most in Demand?
Are You an Oracle Open Source User?
What’s Driving the Need for More IT Personnel?
Why You Should Go for Open Source Solutions
Oracle Unveils New Data Management Software
Data Quality Management-A Statistical Survey
Trial-and-Error Method of ETL
Turning Data into Discovery
10 Blunders to Avoid When Writing an RFP for MDM
5 Steps to Data Governance
Distributed Data Management: A Technology View
7 Steps to Winning Budget Approval
10 Quick Disaster Recovery Tips for IT
Are You at the Controls?
E-Book: Getting Started with Master Data Management (MDM)
How To Make Data Integration Work
Select MDM Solution Based on Individual Need
Data–Who Cares?!

Database Trends & Usage
The 7 Deadly Sins of Database Marketing
Where Does Your Database Rank?
The 12 Essential Database Marketing Techniques
Does Your Database Get Some ‘Downtime’?
12 More Database Marketing Techniques
How Much Marketers Will Pay on Database Upgrades
What is the Most Valuable Element in a Database?
The Three Essentials for Successful Database Marketers
How to Budget for Database Marketing Programs
How to Use Database Marketing to Improve Sales, Profits
Understanding the Benefits of High-Quality Data
How Long Should You Keep Contacts in Your Database?
How to Build Your Customer Database
What Leading Databases Do You Rely On?
How to Clean Up Your B2B Marketing Database
Using Operational vs. Marketing Databases
How a Relational Database Helps Marketers
Database Marketing to Reach Business Influencers
What Tools & Languages are Most Widely Used?
10 Big Mistakes Developers Make with Databases
What Functions Do You Need in Your Database Tools?
3rd-Party Data: Increasing Relevancy
Real Time: Seperaing Myth from Reality
Database Logging Security Management
Data? B-to-B Mailers Have It
The Value of Enterprise Data Management and Data Quality
Finder Numbers Help Trace Sources
Efficient Databases Require Past-Point-in-Time Views
How to Keep Your Database Healthy
Key Issues to Confront When Constructing a Database
Are You a Hybrid? Check Your Database
Information Management Part 1: Myths and Facts
Information Management Part 2: Myths and Facts
Data: Your Ultimate Asset
3 Steps to Success for Data Feeds
Data Service Design
Use Data Insights For New Customers
Real-Time Marketing
Data Appending: Dive Deeper
Are You Afraid to Say Goodbye to Your Data?
Site Search Refinements Can Improve Usability

Programming Ideas & Tips
Don’t Lose Your Mail to an Old Rural Route
DoubleTake 2 Identifies Duplicates
How Addresses are Validated via the Internet
How to Append Phone Numbers to Your Database
How to Build a Dealer Location Query
How to Determine Address Types
How to Get Better Results on Your Email Appends
How to Keep Up with Regulatory Compliance Acts
How to Place Your Data in the Right Fields
Tech Firm Reaches Out to Higher Education for Address Cleansing
Use GeoCoder to Build Store Lookups
Tip of the Month: Leave the Parsing to MatchUp API
Use GeoCoder to Offer Location Lookups
Street Smarts: Improving Location-based Services with Geocoding
Selecting Local Markets More Accurately With Geocoding
New Product Showcase: Name Object 2
Connecting the Dots: Why Geocoding is Critical for Businesses
Are Duplicate Records A Blow to Your Bottom Line?
4 SaaS Data Integration Challenges to Keep an Eye Out For

Tips and Tricks on Address Object
Tips & Tricks (Melissa Data)
Tips & Tricks (Melissa Data)
Tips & Tricks (Melissa Data)
Tips & Tricks (Melissa Data)
Tips & Tricks (Melissa Data)
Tips & Tricks (Melissa Data)
Tips & Tricks (Melissa Data)